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ROAM Adventure Co.

ROAM Adventure Co wasn’t founded around a conference table. It wasn’t created to fill a hole in the market or satisfy a hair-brained idea that happened to turn a profit. ROAM Adventure Co was a company born out of a love of the outdoors. It was built on the foundations of enhancing the human connection with nature, chasing sunsets, and catching a glimpse of a shooting star. Created by true outdoor enthusiasts with a vast range of knowledge, ROAM Adventure Co quickly established a reputation for creating some of the most reliable and affordable gear on the market. Their products cover a lot of bases including roof top tents, gear storage, and overland parts and accessories. The ROAM Adventure Box is a great solution for keeping gear organized and where you left it. Perhaps you’re in search of shelter, in which case the ROAM Adventure Tent has got you covered.

Truck Brigade is proud to supply only the highest-quality overland parts and gear, which is why we became an authorized dealer for ROAM Adventure Co. Browse our selection of ROAM products to find the next upgrade for your off-road rig.

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