Chances are you’ve seen a LifeSaver product being advertised at one point in time. They are truly nothing short of remarkable. In short, LifeSaver products are portable water purification devices that are capable of providing 100% safe drinking water within mere seconds. They are capable of removing viruses, bacteria, cysts, and parasites and much more. This next phrase is tossed around frequently in ads and commercials, but we feel that it fits here appropriately - LifeSaver products are literally life-changing. The man behind the product is British investor Michael Pritchard and he set out with one goal in mind, to create a portable water filtration device capable of providing a sustainable source of safe drinking water… and that he did. While Lifesaver’s products were originally designed for those in 3rd World Countries and those recovering from a Natural Disaster, their products have also been a huge hit among the Overland and Outdoor community. One product that the Truck Brigade crew are advocates for is the LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF. This amazing product filters over 5,282 U.S. gallons and removes the need to ever question where you will get clean drinking water from again. It stores roughly 4.88 gallons of water at a time and is the perfect option for the true adventure enthusiast. The container is BPA and BPS free and is available in your choice of Dark Blue, Army Green, or Tan. If you’re looking for a wise investment, it doesn’t get much better than this! Clean water is a necessity for survival. Truck Brigade is proud to be a dealer for LifeSaver. If you have any questions about LifeSaver products, don’t hesitate to reach out via our chat option, email us at, or give us a call at (888)550-3028!



LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF
  • Filters over 5,282 U.S. gallons of clean drinking water removing viruses, bacteria, cysts, and parasites instantly.
  • 20000UF model stores roughly 4.88 gallons of drinking water.
  • A perfect option for those looking to filter dirty stream water and/or river water while out on an adventure.
  • Optional shower attachment for washing and/or cleaning..
  • Available in Dark Blue, Army Green, or Tan.
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LifeSaver Jerrycan Shower Attachment
  • Designed to work with LifeSaver Jerrycans. Attaches in seconds.
  • Increases the functionality and versatility of your Lifesaver Jerrycan.
  • Perfect for washing dishes at camp, showering, or even watering plants.
  • Provides a stream of clean water.
  • 2-year warranty.
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