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Since their founding in 2007, Leitner Designs continues to innovate and develop outstanding truck accessories that are geared towards the off road and adventure enthusiast. The company originally started off focusing on designing and developing products for many different markets, of which included the medical, motorcycle, and action sports field. In 2014, Bernhard Leitner (the founder of the company) decided to take Leitner Designs in a slightly different direction and what a decision that was. From that day on, the focus was to be a design firm that was specifically focused on its own line of truck accessories. Their first product, the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Truck Bed Rack continues to defy odds and is their most popular product for good reason. While the Leitner ACS itself is a great product, what sets this product apart are the accessories that work hand in hand with the bed rack. This includes the Leitner Design’s Gear Pods, Gear Pod Xls, Universal Mounting Plates, Light Brackets, Hi-Lift Brackets, Roof Top Tent Mounts, and much more.

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Leitner Designs Active Cargo System - Jeep Gladiator (2020)
  • The industry-leading bed rack that offers the ability to mount dozens of accessories including gear pods, water/fuel cans, roof top tents, etc.
  • Constructed from military-grade aluminum.
  • Supports up to 250 lbs. of off-road weight.
  • Supports up to 500 lbs. of on-road weight.
  • Entire rack system only weighs 74 lbs.
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.
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Leitner Designs Gear Pod XL
  • Designed to work flawlessly with the Active Cargo System offering a secure way to store gear.
  • Constructed from high-density polyethylene.
  • Full perimeter seals & key locking; safely stores cargo.
  • Storage space of 40 gallons (5.34 cubic feet).
  • Quick installation / removal process.
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.
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