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Fuel Containers & Accessories

Fuel Containers & Accessories


There’s two different types of people in this world…those who like to play it safe and those who prefer to take the more “adventurous” route. While this could be applied to any category of life, we of course, would like to gauge it towards the outdoor enthusiast. While the adventurous route could be considered riskier, there’s certainly ways to take appropriate precautions to make sure that your journey goes as smooth as possible. For those of you who prefer driving on dirt roads rather than pavement, we highly recommend investing in a type of Fuel Storage. While the options run far and wide, Truck Brigade has carefully paired up with specific manufacturers to ensure that they will add to your overland adventure or weekend camping trip. We offer a vast variety of RotopaX Fuel Containers, such as the RotopaX 2 Gallon Gasoline Container, RotopaX 3 Gallon Gasoline Container, and of course, the RotopaX 4 Gallon Gasoline Container. Running diesel fuel rather than gasoline? No problem, as we offer the RotopaX 2 Gallon Diesel Container as well! Another great option for Fuel Storage is the FuelpaX Containers. In addition to Fuel Storage Containers, Truck Brigade offers a variety of accessories that enable you to securely mount your containers. Be sure to check out our selection of RotopaX Locks, such as the RotopaX Deluxe Pack Mount, RotopaX LOX Pack Mount, RotopaX FuelpaX Deluxe Pack Mount. Here at Truck Brigade we are proud to provide legendary free shipping, a best price guarantee, and of course a full factory warranty! Call us to find the Fuel Storage Solution that fits your journey.


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