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The story of how Front Runner came to be is quite epic and like no other. Legend has it that this company was formed around a campfire, near a majestic Baobab, among elephant tracks, by a handful of friends from South Africa with backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing and off-road racing. Fast forward to current day and Front Runner is now known as an industry leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing Roof Racks, Water Tanks, Drawer Systems, Roof Top Tents, Roof Top Tent Awnings, and a variety of other Camping accessories. The team at Front Runner lives by the slogan Travel. Dream. Design. Build. Test. Evolve. Repeat. and it's with that mindset that they continue to manufacture some of the most innovative Overland accessories.

Truck Brigade is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Front Runner accessories. Be sure to browse our selection of Front Runner Roof Racks, Front Runner Water Tanks, Front Runner Roof Top Tents, Front Runner Drawer systems, and so much more! If you’re searching for a reputable company that produces high-quality camping accessories and off-road accessories, your search stops here! Front Runner products are enjoyed, used and abused around the world by casual campers, overlanders, outdoor enthusiasts and even extreme athletes! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via our chat option, email us at, or give us a call at (888)550-3028!

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