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DECKED Truck Bed Storage Systems

A DECKED Truck Bed Storage System will immediately convert your messy unorganized truck bed into a thing of beauty. All DECKED Drawer Systems feature two roll out drawers which have a weight capacity of 200 pounds each. The DECKED system as a whole can support up to 2,000 pounds, making it the perfect platform to transport large cargo on! To fully maximize your Truck Bed Storage System's functionality, DECKED Accessories are available and work flawlessly with the DECKED System.

Whether you are a contractor looking to organize your tools or an adventurer needing to store camping gear, the DECKED System is guaranteed to impress. Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for DECKED Storage Systems. Shop our huge selection today and purchase with confidence, knowing that your product comes with a full factory warranty and our exclusive best price guarantee!

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