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Body Armor 4X4 was born from the passion of a weekend Jeep enthusiast. This passion has grown since to encompass Truck, Jeep, and SUV accessories and continues to grow. Unlike others, Body Armor 4X4 focuses on how their bumpers, roof top tents, awnings, lights, and various accessories are used where it matters most, in the field. It is this passionate focus to provide people what they want and depend on that has turned Body Armor 4X4 into one of the most respected names among Jeep, Truck and SUV Communities. The core focus has never faded since Body Armor 4X4’s inception and to this day remain committed to providing the absolute best quality, versatile and functional off road accessories, all while maintaining a price that makes overlanding or off roading approachable for anyone. Body Armor 4X4 is the go-to for quality products built to leave the world behind.

Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading authorized dealer for all Body Armor 4X4 products. If you have any questions about Body Armor 4X4 products don’t hesitate to reach out via our chat option, email us at, or give us a call at (888)550-3028!
Stay Tuned as we prepare the absolute best prices for Body Armor 4X4 products 2021 Black Friday!

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