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Body Armor 4X4

Body Armor 4x4 is a leading manufacturer of overland and off-road products who initially became well known for their Body Armor 4x4 HiLine Series Front Bumper. This front bumper replacement quickly became popular as it was an affordable, yet excellent option for overlanders looking to enhance their off-road rig’s capabilities on the back roads due it's high clearance, winch compatibility, and a removable bull bar.

As the years continued, Body Armor 4x4 has expanded its products beyond bumpers. Today they produce a large lineup of offroad accessories such as Body Armor Bed Racks, Body Armor Rooftop Tents, Body Armor Awnings, Body Armor Steps, and a variety of other overland parts and accessories. No longer is Body Armor 4x4 a brand exclusively for Jeep, as there is now a wide selection of Body Armor gear for many vehicles, some of our most popular being Body Armor Tacoma, Body Armor Tundra, Body Armor 4Runner, and the list goes on! Committed to providing high-quality, dependable products, Body Armor 4x4 has become one of the most respected brands in the industry.

As an authorized dealer of Body Armor 4x4 overland parts and accessories, Truck Brigade is proud to offer customers a fully factory warranty and our best price guaranty. We encourage you to browse our selection of Body Armor 4x4 products and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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