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CBI Offroad Overland Bars Hi-Lift Mount

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      • Designed exclusively for use with CBI Offroad Bed Bars.
      • Enables you to securely mount your Hi-Lift to your CBI Bed Bars.
      • Crafted from quality materials to ensure longevity.h.
      • Bolt-on design ensures a hassle-free installation.
      • All installation hardware is included with your purchase.

      As the name implies, this CBI Offroad Overland Bed Bar Hi-Lift Mount has been designed exclusively for use with the CBI Offroad Overland Bed Bars. The addition of this mount enables you to easily secure your Hi-Lift Jack to your truck within seconds. If you own a set of CBI Overland Bed Bars and are looking for a way to maximize your rig’s carrying capacity, this CBI Overland Bed Bar Hi-Lift Mount is an awesome solution!

      CBI Overland Hi-Lift Mounts are crafted from steel and topped off with a black powder-coat finish, ensuring that your product has the durability to provide you with many years of reliable use. Installation is a very simple, as these mounts have been designed as a bolt-on application. Included with your purchase is all installation hardware needed to tackle the job. If you have any additional questions about CBI Overland Hi-Lift Jack Mounts, please be sure to reach out!

      Please Note: This kit does not contain the CBI Bed Bars. This kit solely includes the Hi-Lift Mounts to be used in conjunction with your CBI Overland Bed Bars.

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    1. Installation of the CBI Overland Bed Bar Hi-Lift Mount is remarkably simple and can typically be completed within 5-10 minutes. Included with your purchase will be all necessary hardware to complete the install. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

    2. CBI OFFROAD FAB will warranty all CBI OFFROAD FAB manufactured parts for a LIFETIME of use. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is effective for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates when the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person. Each manufactured product must be installed following CBI OFFROAD FAB'S recommended fitment and installation procedures. Any customization or modification to the original product design, functionality, or use, either by said customer or by CBI OFFROAD FAB voids all warranty eligibility. It is the sole discretion of CBI Offroad to determine warranty eligibility.

      Subject to the limitations and exclusions described in this warranty, CBI OFFROAD FAB will remedy defects in materials or workmanship by repairing or replacing, at its option, a defective product without charge for parts or labor. In addition, CBI OFFROAD FAB may elect, at its option, not to repair or replace a defective product but rather issue to a purchaser a refund equal to the purchase price paid for the product or a credit to be used toward the purchase of a new CBI OFFROAD FAB product.

      No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, products used for racing or competition, or modification of, or any types of repair of, a CBI OFFROAD FAB manufactured product.

      The CBI OFFROAD FAB Warranty does not include the powder coated finish.

      No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond CBI OFFROAD FAB'S control including, but not limited to, misuse, neglect, overloading, improperly maintained or failure to assemble, mount or use the product in accordance with CBI OFFROAD FAB'S written instructions or guidelines included with the product or implied use made available to the purchaser.

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