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The Ultimate Overland Roof Rack - PrinSu Design Studio

November 11, 2020


Over recent years, we have seen a drastic increase regarding the popularity of Overlanding. Could this increase be due to individuals seeking out nature to escape the constant rat race? Perhaps it's goes much deeper than that and is instilled in our roots to truly explore the land that we have been blessed with. Regardless, of the reason that each of us have chosen to pursue this lifestyle, we can all agree on one thing; The journey is equally as important as the destination. With that being said, the first step to successfully venturing off of the beaten path is ensuring that you have the ability to efficiently transport the needed cargo and gear. Allow us to introduce to you the solution for maximizing your vehicle's carrying capacity, the PrinSu Roof Rack.

The PrinSu Rack is arguably the ultimate Overland Roof Rack and for good reason! For starters, it's very apparent that each PrinSu Rack has been designed intentionally to surpass the competition. A full aluminum design keeps weight to a minimal, while a black powder-coat finish protects against rust and corrosion. To ensure a convenient rack assembly along with a simple installation process, each component of the PrinSu Rack is laser cut. The structural design of the PrinSu Rack enables it to support high weight capacities, making it perfect for a variety of things. While PrinSu Design Studio has not given it a specific weight rating, it should be noted that these roof racks have been approved to safely support at least 600lbs.  

Let's now shift our attention to the versatility and functionality of the PrinSu Roof Rack, as that will provide insight as to how it can benefit you. The team at PrinSu created each roof rack to be fully modular, making it perfect for both work and play. The PrinSu Rack's modularity enables you to adjust the cross bars as desired, to best accommodate your needs at that specific time. In addition, all of the PrinSu Load Bars (included with your purchase) utilize a T-slot channel to accommodate the mounting of various accessories. Items such as a Roof Top Tent, Awning / Annex, MAXTRAX Recovery Boards, and RotoPaX Containers are only a preview of what this roof rack is truly capable of. Some other popular items we often see mounted to a PrinSu Roof Rack is storage cases and various tools, such as an axe or shovel. All of this and much more can easily be done with the PrinSu Racks.

Another unique feature that the PrinSu Roof Rack provides customers with, is the ability to customize it to best accommodate their needs. Consumers are able to choose between a standard wind deflector or a wind deflector with a cutout for a 40" Light Bar. In addition, when purchasing you can also choose to add a Noise Reducing Edge Trim (recommended) to your order along with Light Bar Mounting Brackets. 

From it's innovative construction to it's undeniable versatile design, a PrinSu Roof Rack has the ability to contribute towards your next adventure being the best one yet! Truck Brigade is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of PrinSu Roof Racks and PrinSu Accessories and backs each item with a full factory warranty! In addition, we offer Legendary Free Shipping and have many PrinSu Racks in stock and ready to ship out within 24 business hours. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like assistance with getting ready for your next adventure!

Please Note: The PrinSu Roof Rack is available for a wide selection of vehicle's such as the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota 4Runner, Chevy Colorado, Ford F150, and many more. Click Here to shop our selection of PrinSu Roof Racks!

*Truck Brigade's Tip: To truly maximize your PrinSu Rack's functionality, be sure to browse our selection of PrinSu Roof Rack Accessories. We recommend Tie Down Rings and PrinSu Load Panels for securing gear. In addition, RotoPaX Mounts and MAXTRAX mounts are recommended to mount RotoPaX Fuel and Water Containers and MAXTRAX Recovery Devices directly to your PrinSu Roof Rack. In addition, click here to browse our selection of Overland accessories that pair up nicely with the PrinSu Rack.