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Product Spotlight: Expedition Essentials Bedside Compressor Mount

June 18, 2019

For many years, offroad enthusiast have been known to air down their tires prior to hitting the trail. While this is a beneficial practice, what about the task of airing your tires back up when you’re ready to hit the pavement and head home? A simple solution… On-board air! On-board air is not a new phenomenon but there are companies out there that are continuing to innovate. Expedition Essentials is one of those companies.

Expedition Essentials has developed a Toyota Tacoma Bedside Compressor Mount which is designed to mount an ARB Single or Dual Compressor (also fits Viair and Smittybilt compressors) in a clean and efficient way.

It is no surprise that the creators of the innovative Tacoma Accessory Mount (T3PAM & T2PAM) have come up with another well-thought out product. The Single or Dual ARB Compressor Mount (also fits Viair and Smittybilt compressors) is a great solution for those that are not looking to mount the compressor under the hood. Mounting a compressor under the hood can increase the operating temperature and can be difficult to access.

The Expedition Essentials Tacoma Bedside Compressor Mount is constructed out of 5052 .125 aluminum and powder coated. The aluminum construction offers superior corrosion resistance to ensure that this mount is safe in all types of environments.

While this Compressor Mount is a great product out of the box, Expedition Essentials has also developed some additional products that can be used in conjunction with it. These include a Bedside Compressor Mount Extension Harness and BCM Power Outlet Adapter.

As we have mentioned, this product will work with 2007+ Toyota Tacoma trucks and can be mounted on your choice of either the driver or passenger side of the bed. There are a couple of notes regarding fitment to be aware of:

  • For 2019 models the BCM will require mounting on the passenger side and simple relocation of the factory power outlet (Expedition Essentials now has outlet adapters to make this possible)
  • Installation in the rear of your truck will require extension of the harness that comes with your compressor: most compressors only offer a 6’ harness (currently Expedition Essentials offers an extension harness only for the ARB twin compressor) you will need to extend your harness 15’

    On-board air is a great thing. What is even better is the ability to mount your compressor in a concealed way that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Those are the exact reasons why we are huge fans of the Expedition Essentials Bedside Compressor Mount. If you happen to drive a 2007+ Toyota Tacoma and either have a compressor or are looking to purchase a compressor, look no further than the Expedition Essentials Bedside Compressor Mount to safely and securely mount your compressor. If you have any questions or would like more information don’t hesitate to reach out via chat, email, or at (888) 550-3028.