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Product Spotlight: DECKED Drawer System

June 15, 2019

With so many truck accessories out there on the market today, it becomes easy to lose sight of what is good vs what is great and what is needed vs what is not needed. I mean let’s be honest, there aren’t any aftermarket parts that are “needed” … or are there? One product that the crew at Truck Brigade thinks can definitely fall into the “need” category is the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System. Whether you are into overlanding, looking for a way to organize your hunting gear, wanting to keep those beers cold for the baseball tailgate later this evening, or just sick of stuff sloshing around in the bed of your truck, the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System can certainly make your life much easier.

After roughly three years of research, design, engineering, and testing, DECKED was born. Historically, there were truck bed storage systems or truck bed drawers on the market, but honestly, they could never stack up to the quality and craftsmanship of DECKED. While it makes no sense to dwell on the past bed storage systems, let’s get into why we like DECKED and what makes their product so special.

The DECKED Truck Bed Storage System is constructed with nearly 70 pounds of steel and high-density polyethylene, making it extremely durable. In fact, the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System can support up to 2,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The total system dimension measure 75.25” x 63”-71” (varies by vehicle) x 12” for standard bed sizes and 64.54” x 63”-71” (varies by vehicle) x 12” for short bed applications. The complete system weighs in at ~230 pounds (standard) and ~220 pounds (short bed). With the bed system being roughly 12” inches high, one concern might be the amount of bed space with the system installed. Typically, the total bed width is roughly 20” to 24” inches deep which would allow an extra 8” to 12” of added bed security on top of the DECKED system. Note that the full-size system comes with two full size drawers while the mid-size system comes with one full size drawer and one narrower drawer.


Not only is the durability impressive, but so is the amount of storage. This truck bed storage system features two very large drawers that measure approximately 72.1” x 18” x 8.5” (top of drawer) and 66.1” x 16.75” x 8.5” (bottom of drawer) for standard bed sizes and 61.4” x 18” x 8.5” (top of drawer) and 55.4” x 16.75” x 8.5” (bottom of drawer) for short bed variations. These drawers can support up to 200 pounds each and have the ability to extend out a full 48” if you desire. Along with these two large drawers, the DECKED system includes four (two towards the front of the bed and two towards the rear) “ammo cans” which work great for storing smaller items such as tie downs or a frosty 6 pack of Coors original. The lids of these “ammo cans” can also flip over and act as cup holder.


As if the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System isn’t impressive enough, DECKED has developed several accessories that can be used in conjunction to maximize its functionality. Some of these accessories include the DECKED Drawer Dividers, DECKED Core Trax Tie-Downs, DECKED Lock Kit, DECKED Drain Plug Kit, the DECKED D-Box, and the list goes on! Continue reading below to see how these accessories can benefit you!


The DECKED Drawer Dividers allow you to section off portions of the drawer, allowing you to organize your valuables as you wish. The DECKED Core Trax Tie-Downs mount directly to the DECKED Storage System and provide you with the perfect way to secure cargo when traveling. These come in your choice of 48” or 58” variations. To compliment the Core Trax system, DECKED has also developed the Load Locks which are sold in pairs of four. These are fully adjustable along the Core Trax system and offer a spot to hook your tie downs. DECKED also offers T-track mounts designed specifically to be used with Yakima and Thule rack systems. These products are also offered in either 48” or 58” lengths. To maximize security, DECKED offers the Drawer Lock Kit. These are available as a pair and are the perfect solution for those who do not have a locking tailgate. If you are like us and like to use the drawer system for keeping beverages cold, DECKED offers the Drain Plug Kit. These are sold as a pair but please note that they are only available for the full-size DECKED system. The last accessory that we would like to elaborate on is the DECKED D-Box. This product essentially acts as a toolbox and was designed to fit perfectly into the DECKED truck bed storage system. It’s the perfect accessory for keeping tools organized and easily taking them on the go.

The crew at Truck Brigade absolutely love the DECKED system. This storage system is ideal for those who enjoy overlanding, fishing, hunting, or are simply looking to get their tools organized prior to heading to the job site. Truck Brigade is proud to offer the DECKED Truck Bed System with free shipping and a Best Price Guarantee. If you have any product questions or would like assistance picking out the correct DECKED system for your rig, please feel free to give us a call!