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Product Spotlight: LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF

March 23, 2020

Throughout history we have seen times where drinking water becomes scarce throughout areas of the world. The current coronavirus (COVID-19) is a perfect example of a global event causing a shortage of clean drinking water. LifeSaver Jerry Cans  were designed and developed to come through in instances just like this. Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, British inventor Michael Pritchard set out to create a portable water filtration device capable of providing a sustainable source of clean drinking water. The first product launched was the LifeSaver Bottle and since then numerous other products have been created, including the LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF.

The LifeSaver Jerrycan was developed exclusively for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, overlanders, adventurers, and explorers of all kinds, but has been trusted and used by militaries around the work. So what exactly is the LifeSaver Jerrycan? Well, it is essentially a traditional Jerrycan with a heavily tested water filter that is guaranteed to filter out viruses, bacteria, cysts, and much more. This means you can simply take the Jerrycan to a dirty water source fill it up, pump, and drink. It is that easy. The Jerrycan filtration system has been heavily tested on bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999%), viruses to a minimum of Log 4 (99.99%) and cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9%) as specified by Independent Test House to exceed NSF P248 compliance standards, for virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction by the US Army Public Health Center (MEDCOM).

Some other highlights of the LifeSaver Jerrycan include its 4.88 gallon storage capacity and filtration system which is rated to filter 5,282 gallons of water. This means you should get years of use out of the initial filter depending on how dirty the water sources are you are filling up from. It is also worth noting that you can always purchase a replacement filter if needed. In addition to purchasing additional filters, LifeSaver also offers a shower attachment (LifeSaver Jerrycan Shower Attachment) which is a great option for when there is a need to spray down the rig or clean up some dishes after a meal. As the name presents, you can even utilize the LifeSaver Shower Attachment to take a warm shower after leaving the Jerrycan in the sun for a few hours.

The LifeSaver Jerrycan is available in three different colors: Dark Blue, Army Green, and Tan. In terms of storage, the LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF was designed to fit into many traditional NATO-style Jerrycan holders. Every order of a LifeSaver Jerrycan will include the Jerrycan, paper manual, plastic flush cap, single carbon disc, and pump.

The Truck Brigade crew has hands on experience with the LifeSaver Jerrycans and refuses to leave their house without them on any adventure. For years, many of us have lugged gallons of water around, ultimately weighing down our rigs. We now sleep better knowing we have unlimited access to a water source, regardless of how dirty the water is. Whether you are looking for a compact and easy to use filtration device while out on the trail or just looking to be prepared at home for any sort of disaster, look no further than the LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF. Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for the LifeSaver Jerrycan and stocks LifeSaver products regularly. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.