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Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau

August 16, 2021

Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau

For some time now the top question has been when a Leitner Active Cargo System would be compatible with a tonneau cover. There have been plenty of speculation, delays, and questions as to when or if this would ever be released. I am happy to say that the team at Leitner Designs listened and delivered with the Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau. You can now have one of the most sought after modular bed racks with a tonneau cover installed at the same time! 

The Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau utilizes the same design as the ACS Forged with a minor buy significant change allowing the ACS Forged Bed Rack to be installed with T-Slot Rail Tonneau Covers. T-Slot Rail Tonneau Covers are bed covers that feature a t-slot that provide a channel to allow hardware to slide into, providing the ability to mount racks and crossbars. Traditionally this was used to install simple thule or yakima crossbars but the team at Leitner had different ideas. They took this design and integrated rails into the ACS Forged Bed Rack that allowed the rack to attach to the tonneau cover without drilling! It is important to note that the weight rating will not be the same as the Forged Bed Rack and is currently at 800 lbs. static with a 400 lb. on road weight rating. There has not been an established off-road weight rating at this time due to the tonneau's rails.



Don't be fooled though, the Forged Tonneau from Leitner Designs is capable of carrying your world and is ready to hold a roof top tent and any other gear you may need on the trail ahead. You have the capability installing your favorite Leitner Design accessories such as the Gear Pod Gen 2, Gear Pod Gen 2 XL, Universal Mounting Plate, and more! The team at Leitner Designs strongly recommends pairing the ACS Forged Tonneau Rack with a powered bed cover like the Retrax Powertrax Pro XR or the UltraGroove Electric Cover from Pace Edwards. The reasoning behind a powered cover over one that you would open manually is that traditionally you would grab the handle and walk along the side of your bed as you pushed your retractable cover open. If your ACS Forged Tonneau Bed Rack is loaded down with accessories you would not be able to do this and end up loosing some of of your tonneau cover's functionality. With the powered option you simply open or close the cover with a push of a button. It's also important to mention that you cannot install this bed rack without a T-Slot Tonneau Cover already installed on your truck bed. 


If you already have an ACS Forged Bed Rack you can simply upgrade it to the Forged Tonneau with a conversion kit! Remember though that when you convert your ACS Forged Bed Rack to the ACS Forged Tonneau, you will have to have a T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover ready to install on the bed of your truck. Otherwise the new Leitner Designs bed rack will not be able to fit properly. So what are you waiting on? Get the best of both worlds with the Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our chat option, giving us a call at talkdesk+18885503028, or sending an email to