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Product Spotlight: Leitner Designs ACS FORGED Bed Rack Cargo System

November 03, 2019

Leitner Designs changed the game with the introduction of the Active Cargo System in 2014. Leitner Designs has changed the game once again with the introduction of the ACS FORGED Bed Rack which is touted as “THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST MODULAR TRUCK BED RACK CARGO SYSTEM.”

All New Forged Construction:

The Leitner Designs ACS FORGED features an all new design and construction from the ground up. The new Truck Bed Rack features forged upright supports, re-designed forged lower attachment feet, Gen 2 clamp system, re-designed load bar mounts, Traklok accessory mounting nuts, and black color matched bolts.


Stronger and Increased Load Rating:

The Leitner Designs Classic Active Cargo System had a load limit of 1,000 pounds static, 500 pounds on-road, and 200 pounds off-road. The Truck Brigade crew has personally put these numbers to the test and found them to be very conservative. Either way, the Leitner Designs ACS FORGED has an even more impressive load limit with a rating of 1,400 pounds static, 800 pounds on-road, and 400 pounds off-road (double the load limit offered by the Classic System).  

Compatible with Legacy Leitner Designs Accessories:

Since the inception of the Classic Active Cargo System, Leitner Designs has continued to push out highly functional accessories designed to work exclusively with their Active Cargo System. The new ACS FORGED will work with all legacy Leitner Designs Accessories such as the Gear Pod, Gear Pod XL, Universal Mounting Plates, and much more. This is great news for those of you who have a completely outfitted Classic ACS and looking to upgrade to the ACS FORGED Bed Rack.

Fitment of the ACS FORGED Bed Rack:

Leitner Designs has made it a point over the years to accommodate as many truck brands and models as possible. This is not changing with the introduction of the ACS FORGED. Leitner Designs builds the ACS FORGED for many of the popular truck brands including Toyota, RAM, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, and Nissan. Most models including Tacoma, Tundra, F150, Silverado, Gladiator, Titan, Ranger, etc. are compatible with the ACS Forged and ACS Classic Bed Racks.

Comparison of the ACS FORGED vs ACS Classic Bed Rack Cargo Systems:




Leitner Designs has built a name and huge following for themselves with the Classic Active Cargo System. They have been known for high-quality, minimal lead times, and product functionality. This is not changing with the introduction of the ACS FORGED Bed Rack. Truck Brigade has been a huge fan of the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System and Accessories from the moment we became an authorized dealer for their products. So much so that we even run a Leitner Designs System on our own rigs. The ACS FORGED is another great example of Leitner Designs commitment to innovation and quality. If you're in the market for either an Overland Bed Rack or an Off-road style Bed Rack, we highly recommend the Leitner ACS Forged... This Bed Rack is capable of it all!