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DECKED's New "DECKED Out Package" - The New Standard

January 05, 2021

Decked Truck Bed Storage Systems introduces the new standard with the DECKED Out Package


DECKED has been at the forefront when it comes to truck bed organization while not just simply maintaining the usefulness of your bed but greatly increasing it! While DECKED has been continuously improving their products with molding changes, improved drawer wheels and cold weather grease, as well as various hardware improvements, the pricing has not increased…so why the price change now when there hasn’t been one since 2017? Let’s look a little further into what will now be included with every single DECKED Drawer System in what DECKED is calling their “DECKED Out Package”.




 While DECKED had decided the unlock the potential with some much-needed included accessories the overall system itself is the same one we all know for its ability to unlock the potential of your truck bed. This is the straightforward design that basically serves as two giant drawers in the bed of your truck. These allow for quick an easy access to the gear you need when you need it, while maintaining next level organization. Constructed and designed with American craftsmanship, the DECKED system is made of a high-density polyethylene with a steel frame to ensure the utmost in durability. Each Drawer on its own is capable of a 200lb load while the entire unit can withstand an amazing 2000lb capacity. Remember that the DECKED system doesn’t just maintain your beds usefulness but improves it. The DECKED System leaves 6-12 inches of bed space from the top of the unit to the top of the bed caps, ensuring you don’t sacrifice the reason you purchased a truck in the first place.



So, What’s New?

The team over at DECKED found that those that purchased accessories at the same time they purchased the system got exponentially more usefulness and overall satisfaction from the DECKED System. The whole reason you install a DECKED System in your Tacoma, Gladiator, or F150 is because you demand more out of your truck and these hand-picked accessories do just that; they provide more. Included with every DECKED order effective January 5, 2021 are the following: DECKED D-BOX, DECKED CrossBox, DRAWGANIZER, and two of the wide DECKED Drawer Dividers. If you are unfamiliar with these and why they might be helpful don’t’ go anywhere as we will cover that for you now.



 The DECKED D-Box is a game changer for those that constantly grab the same gear or tools out of your truck. This is essentially a toolbox that fits inside the Drawer System perfectly. This toolbox is completely weatherproof and has the added functionality of locking levers and dual handles for those on-the-go moments. As an added little bonus this also features a bolt guide and ruler should you need a little help when at the jobsite. The DECKED CrossBox is basically a more compact version of the D-BOX.  The CrossBox is extremely capable as a very portable toolbox equipped with locking latches, handles, and an EPDM gasket to keep the elements out and your gear safe.


DRAWGANIZER & Drawer Dividers

DECKED describes being without the DRAWGANIZER as going commando, and well they have a point. As anything goes, we all start out very organized and ensure everything has a home. As time goes on you start to throw loose hardware into the Drawer without a care and before you know it your nuts are all over the place. The DRAWGANIZER Keeps everything safe and secure, just as it should be. The Drawer Dividers further assist in this by compartmentalizing your Drawers and ensuring everything has its own home. Both items come in a light grey to ensure whatever you are looking for stands out and doesn’t get lost in the mix.


The Takeaway

So, you saw that DECKED increased their prices and that may have made you feel uneasy about purchasing one. Our recommendation is that this is well worth it. Most companies increase prices as if it is just an annual thing, DECKED didn’t do that. The dedicated team at DECKED looked at those that truly get the most out of their system and ensured that everyone gets that same level of satisfaction. Yes, there is a price increase, but you are truly getting so much more out of your bed now with the added accessories. Let’s be honest, you would’ve been on the fence about the additional accessories any way but now from day 1 of owning your DECKED Drawer System you will have everything needed to get the most out of your bed. The price increase took this from a range of 1149.99 - 1249.99 to a flat amount across the board for all trucks at 1349.99. Of course this still has 100% free shipping and all of the accessories mentioned on this page! 


So, what are you waiting for? Unlock the versatility of your Truck Bed with DECKED’s all new DECKED Out Package. Whether you are hunting, working construction, an adventurist, or embarking on an overland expedition, one thing is clear; the DECKED Out Package was built for those that demand more. Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading authorized dealer for DECKED, offering 100% free shipping, full factory warranty, and a best price guarantee!  To start your journey away from the pavement and leave civilization behind be sure to see all of the Overland Accessories we have to offer.

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