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Product Spotlight: CBI Offroad Cab Height and Roof Rack Height Bed Racks

March 23, 2020

Bed Racks have been increasing in popularity recently for good reason. This is due to the increased functional they offer. Most notably, Bed Racks offer numerous storage options and the ability to mount a roof top tent and other accessories. CBI Offroad has been an industry leader in the Bed Rack market for many years and is continuing to innovate.

CBI Offroad’s traditional Bed Rack for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma was considered a Mid-Height Bed Rack. Mid-Height Bed Racks are a great option for mounting a roof top tent due to their low-profile nature compared to a Full-Height Rack. The low-profile nature of CBI Offroad’s traditional Bed Rack allowed you to mount your roof top tent on top of the rack and experience minimal wind drag while out on the road. Despite that huge benefit there are some major drawbacks to a Mid-Height Bed Rack. This includes the limited storage under the rack, minimal storage on the sides of the rack, and difficulty mounting larger items such as kayaks, canoes, lumber, etc. that would require the full length of the vehicle. In order to alleviate some of these issues and appeal to a broader market depending on what your personal needs are, CBI Offroad has developed two new Bed Racks for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma and 2007+ Toyota Tundra. These two new models include the Cab Height Bed Rack and Roof Rack Height Bed Rack.

As the name indicates, the Cab-Height Bed Rack for both the Tacoma and Tundra rises to the height of the cab. This is a sleek option for somebody interested in a Full-Height Bed Rack while not running a Roof Rack. The other recently released Bed Rack from CBI Offroad is the Roof Rack Height Bed Rack. This Rack was designed with a PrinSu Roof Rackin mind and rises to the same height as a PrinSu Roof Rack resulting in a seamless transition between your Bed Rack and Roof Rack.

These two Bed Rack models feature CBI Offroad’s long-standing high-quality construction. They are built from CNC cut and formed steel ensuring second to none strength. They also feature numerous cutout and mounting options which are perfect for a slew of accessories including RotoPaxfuel and water cans, MaxTraxrecovery devices, shovels and axes, and just about anything else you can think of.

Both the Cab Height and Roof Rack Height Bed Racks are currently only built for the short bed Tacoma (5’ 2”) and Tundra (5’ 7”). The racks can be purchased as bare material or with an optional black powder coat finish which is a great option to protect against any sort of rust or corrosion. Both these racks install directly to the factory bed rails.

Now that CBI Offroad has launched their line of Full-Size Bed Racks it is safe to say that CBI has an option to fit your needs and your desires. Currently CBI Offroad is manufacturing these Cab Height and Roof Rack Height Bed Racks for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma and 2007+ Toyota Tundra. There is word of CBI Offroad beginning development for a similar rack for the Ford F150/Raptor. Stay tuned for updates on that. If you ever have any questions about these new Bed Racks or any of CBI Offroad’s other products don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.

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