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The Crew at Truck Brigade: Looking Towards The Adventure Ahead

August 16, 2021

Some Big Changes Are Coming


You may have noticed from a post or two that we have some big news and while we don't want to keep the suspense building, you unfortunately have to wait for the big reveal just a little longer. Now that we have that out of the way we do have a lot of news to share with you from new brands, new products, a new website, and probably what you are looking for...a new product give-away! The Truck Brigade Crew have been hard at work to ensure you have the absolute best experience possible and its important that we mention the most important part of, the customer. Truck Brigade was founded with the idea to do things differently or rather get back to how things should be, with the customer being the focus. Every member of the team came from other online retailers that focused specifically on selling aftermarket automotive accessories and not who they were selling those items to. As you have proven, although it didn't need to be, putting the customer first is how things should be. Truck Brigade would not be where we are without you. Without your trust, time, and business we would not be a leading authorized retailer within the overland and off road community. We would not be one of the only companies to stock top brands like PrinSu, Leitner Designs, iKamper, RotopaX, and more! Most importantly, we would not have been able to expand our team of dedicated experts to serve you and provide opportunities to them and their families. So from our family to yours, thank you. We are truly here to serve you and ensure you have the best experience possible, to treat you as a person and not a number, to provide you with the attention you deserve, and lastly welcome you into the Truck Brigade family.

Below you will find updates on the new brands we have brought on, some exciting new products that have been released just this week, developments on our new web platform to allow us to serve you even better, and a product give-away that we will have for the launch of the new and improved Truck Brigade. 



Join Us As We Welcome Some New Brands

With all of the suspense this week this may not be the exciting news you imagined, but it should definitely be part of it! We are proud to announce that we are an authorized dealer for Cali Raised LED. Cali Raised is built to last, built for adventure, and ready to stand up to the harshest of trails. Cali Raised LED has a focus of never settling for "good enough" and constantly looking for ways to improve...and this goes beyond just that of their products but improving the customer experience as well. This is why we decided to add Cali Raised as one of our trusted brands; not to mention their impressive roof racks, rock sliders, or molle panel systems. Cali Raised LED also has an impressive offering of LED lighting if you were wondering. Be sure to read our entire post concerning Cali Raised LED Here

Looking for a solution to clean up at camp? We have you covered and brought on RinseKit! With various sizes up to 3.5 gallons, powered, and easily transported wherever you need a quick rinse. Being easy to use and necessary when being off the grid were not the only reasons we decided to carry RinseKit. Their dedication towards creating quality products, being a family based company, and their efforts at giving back to ensure every American has clean drinking water are the reasons RinseKit is where it is today and why we became and authorized dealer to carry their products. 


New Products From Trusted Brands

This last week there was a host of new products introduced by your favorite brands. Some are improvements on a tried and true product and others were developed after years of listening to what you the customer wants! Here is a quick list of just some of the new products that are ready for adventure. 

RCI Offroad: Sport Bed Rack

This bed rack is a redesign of the RCI Universal Bed Rack which is now call the HD Bed Rack. This is mean to be a slightly lighter version of the Universal Bed Rack that allows for the mounting of Roof Top Tents and any other gear you may need on the trail ahead. While it is not specified, the Sport Bed Rack has a lower weight rating than the HD Bed Rack which is officially rated at a 750lb capacity but unofficially it is 1500lbs. Another added benefit is that the RCI Sport Rack costs less at only $832.00 for the 6ft + option with c-clamps compared to the HD Bed Rack at $996.00. 

Leitner Designs Forged Tonneau

The team at Leitner Designs heard the call for an ACS rack to be compatible with a tonneau cover and delivered with the Forged Tonneau. Allowing you to have all of the benefits of their well known bed racks while also being able to have a T-Slot Tonneau Cover isntalled at the same time. You no longer have to compromise when it comes to your truck bed and can now have the best of both worlds. The Forged Tonneau does have a reduced weight rating at 800 lbs. static, 400 lbs. on-road, and no set off-road weight rating due to the tonneau cover. Do not be discouraged though as this rack is completely capable of carrying a roof top tent and any gear you may need on your journey. This has been a long awaited design as more and more people have enjoyed the benefits of a tonneau cover and looking to expand the potential of their truck bed. Be sure to read our full blog post concerning the ACS FORGED Tonneau Here! 

Backwoods Adventure Mods Hi-Lite Bumpers

The team at Backwoods Adventure Mods developed a  bumper from steel and aluminum which creates a very durable but lightweight bumper call the Hi-Lite Overland Bumper. What exactly is lightweight though? Try totaling only 80 lbs! Backwoods Adventure Mods is able to achieve this by ensuring the bumper is strong where it needs to be most while saving weight in other areas. The Hi-Lite Front Bumper for the 3rd Gen Tacoma is winch capable, comes with a durable black powder coat finish, and has a high clearance design for the best approach angles possible and only costs $1500.00

Heretic Studio: Behind the Grille Light Bar Kit

Heretic Studio is well known for their impressive light bars and fog lights and has developed a behind the grille light bar kit for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. This light bar kit provide a 30 inch light bar that easily integrates into the front end of your Tacoma, ensuring you have clear view of the trail ahead. Not to mention it adds an impressive look to your Tacoma that will have everyone else on the trail asking you about it! 


Some Exciting Changes Are Up Ahead

We are always looking for ways to improve and provide the best experience possible for our customers. We have been listening to your feedback and think you will like the creative ways we are looking to address your needs. With an improved layout for easier navigation, pro-actively providing installation instructions, and an enhanced method of keeping our customers updated on order status are just a couple of the ways we are looking to improve the Truck Brigade experience. In addition we are developing an immersive knowledge base that will not just make finding installation instructions a breeze but also assist with some of the most frequently asked questions, find real world feedback on products, and in the process develop a Truck Brigade community that will have everyone wanting to #jointhebrigade. These exciting changes and features are currently slated to launch in September which will also involve a product give-away! Be sure to stay tuned on our social platforms as more information will be released soon, with you having a say in which item you want to have a chance to win! Lots of exciting things are in the works and they are all designed around you, the customer. 



This may have not been the awe-inspiring news you were looking for but we are too excited not to give you a glimpse of what is coming. Lots of positive changes to ensure you have an experience that you simply will not get anywhere else. That topped with expanding our trusted brands, new product releases, and an upcoming give-away; there is no reason not to be excited for the next several months and the changes they will bring. If there is a feature you want to see added be sure to email us at We want your feedback so we can best serve you! 

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