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The History of Overlanding & How it Has Evolved

June 29, 2021

A Brief History of Overlanding:

Fascination with offroad travel has always existed, in fact it can be dated back to the beginning of time. We as individuals have a burning desire to explore the "Great Unknown". When some hear the term Overlanding, they may think it is a recent fad that has grabbed the spotlight over recent years, however it actually dates back to centuries ago. For those of you who have not looked into the history of the term, Overlanding originated in Australia, and it referenced moving livestock over long distances. In addition to moving cattle to the market, the term quickly doubled as the act of traversing remote stretches of land, which ultimately helped to lay proper tracks for much of today's travel. With that being said, Overlanding is nothing new, in fact, it is technically as old as the wheel. I say this because when you look at some of the first Overlanders, (pioneers of the land, cattle herders, and Normadic tribes) they traveled far and wide by wagons that were led by horses. By taking the history of this act into consideration, it may help to expand your views on what Overlanding truly is... The ability to go anywhere while being self-contained. 

Fun Fact: Technically we could trace back "one of the first" Overland expeditions to the late 12th Century, when Marco Polo made his trip to the court of Kublai Khan, from all the way from Venice. This expedition was nearly 5,600 miles and took 3.5 years!

How the Automobile Forever Changed Overlanding:

While many of us may look back in awe of the Horse and Buggy era, times have changed drastically and so has Overland capabilities. The automobile was invented in the late 1800's and became more readily available in the 1900's, which changed how individuals could travel the world. Now with access to more efficient transportation, those with leisure time could get out and explore the Great Outdoors as desired. Throughout the 1900's, trucks and motorcycles were the most commonly used vehicle's for exploring the road less traveled while being immersed in the environment and culture of places other than home.

Modern Day Overlanding:

Overlanding has evolved drastically over the years, which brings us to current day. Thanks to technology and many other factors, Overlanding seems to be at an all time high in regards to popularity. One reason as to why Overlanding is so popular is because it caters to such a diverse crowd. In other words, you can find enthusiasts Overlanding in anything from a fully-built EarthRoamer to a bone stock rig that simply has adventure gear stored within. While it was noted above that Overlanding caters to a diverse crowd, I will say that there is typically two main categories that individuals typically fall into. These two categories are those who do it recreationally (perhaps on the weekends), and those who live fulltime venturing the world. Regardless of which category you fall into, one thing remains consistent...both types of outdoor enthusiasts share a passion for the Great Outdoors and the memories they make while venturing into the unknown. 

Contact Us:

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or someone who is interested in planning their first Overland expedition, please feel free to reach out to our crew if we can be of any assistance. Our team consists of adventure enthusiasts who would love to discuss your upcoming trip. In addition, we have partnered with many industry leading manufacturers and can equip your rig with the gear needed to ensure you're ready for the journey ahead. We have a large selection of Roof Racks, Bed Racks, Skid Plates, Fuel and Water Storage Containers, Recovery Devices, and much more! 


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