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Overlanding: The Best Social Distancing Activity of 2021

February 11, 2021

Make Overlanding Part of Your Vacation Plans in 2021

With Covid completely derailing all of our plans in 2020 it is time to look ahead to 2021. As we wrap up winter and the ground starts to thaw, now is the perfect time to begin looking towards your summer vacation. While the traditional options may still be out this year there is one destination that has plenty of space to spread out and fulfill the need to explore, the great outdoors. Overlanding allows you to escape the grips of civilization, discover the beauty of nature, and as we are reminded persistently…social distance.

For those that may have had vacation plans changed or altered it can be a frustrating circumstance of the times but as the saying goes “life is what you make it” and this is another one of those opportunities.  With national parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, or South Core Banks in North Carolina, where you can camp in your vehicle on the beach; now is the perfect time to get back in touch with the beauty that nature has to offer. Overlanding often involves 1 or 2 of your close friends or family, the open trail, and the desire to explore. The memories made under skies filled with stars that would otherwise be erased from the sky by the pollution of city lights are something that will never be forgotten. Finding a trail that only a few have traveled, stumbling upon a lake hidden by mountaintops, or simply taking the time to unplug and look inward to discover yourself more; overlanding provides opportunities of reflection that a commercial vacation never could.


Another great aspect of Overlanding is that often times you are able to work remotely and the overlanding lifestyle can truly become something that is your lifestyle. The ability to open your tent up to a different landscape each day provides its own sense of freedom that cannot be properly described until you live it. While it does require discipline to allocate hours working, you are no longer facing the distractions you would encounter in the workplace or at home. During a time where social distancing is strongly recommended and the ability to work from home or remotely is becoming a reality for a large part of the working force take advantage of it in 2021.


As you look to plan your vacation in 2021 consider the natural wonder that the world around us provides. Get out there and explore, wander, reconnect, and unplug in 2021. As social distancing continues to be part of every day life shift focus from the drawbacks and instead discover what may be in your own backyard.