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RCI Offroad: Why the RCI Bed Rack is the Solution for Those that have a Tonneau Cover

November 11, 2020

Today we are going to be discussing the best solution on the market for those looking to utilize a tonneau cover with a truck bed rack capable of hauling your gear and a roof top tent. We know that finding an option that allows both a truck bed rack and tonneau cover is not an easy find, so we wanted to take the time to highlight what we found as the best option for those wanting to do so. We would like to say first and foremost that while we have spent some time at the RCI Offroad facility we are not simply pitching a product or have we received any compensation for writing a post to feature their product. We take the time to carefully vet every item that we carry to ensure that it enriches our customers experience and we found the RCI Adjustable Bed Racks to do just that!

Who is RCI Offroad?

If you are not familiar with RCI Offroad lets take the time first to introduce them and who they are. RCI Metalworks or more commonly known as RCI Offroad is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of aftermarket automotive accessories, specifically offroad accessories such as: Rock Sliders, Bed Racks, Skid Plates, Bumpers, and various other overland accessories. RCI Offroad is based out of Loveland Colorado and that is exactly where all their products are engineered and manufactured with American Craftsmanship. They do this to ensure that every product meets the highest level of quality and the value of the RCI Offroad name is upheld, all while maintaining a competitive price. RCI Offroad’s dedication to their product and how it serves their customers is truly evident in the design of the RCI Bed Rack with the RCI Bed Rack Tonneau Cover Adapters.

RCI Bed Racks & Tonneau Covers: A Match Made in Heaven.



The RCI Bed Rack has the needs of those on the trail in mind. With the availability to mount a host of accessories such as spare tires, Hi-lifts, MAXTRAX, Bikes, Awnings, and Roof Top Tents; the RCI Bed Rack is stylish, capable, and versatile. The RCI Bed Rack has a weight rating of 750 lbs. which is perfect for those looking to mount a roof top tent to their RCI Bed Rack. While RCI Offroad does make vehicle specific racks such as the RCI Tacoma Bed Rack we are going to focus on the RCI Adjustable Bed Rack which is the only option that will work properly with the RCI Tonneau Cover Adapters. The RCI Adjustable Bed Rack is available in both a 12” and 18” option. The 12” option will sit lower in the bed and may offer some better aerodynamics while the 18” option will sit fairly level with the top of the cab.


Now that we have an understanding of who RCI Offroad is and the RCI Bed Rack that was specifically designed to work with the RCI Bed Rack Tonneau Cover Adapter Kit, it is time to discuss how this works together. The RCI Offroad Bed Rack Tonneau Cover Adapters come in a package of 6 dual stage powder coated brackets with all necessary hardware. These Tonneau Cover Adapter Brackets have been tested with BAK Industries Revolver Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers and while it has not been tested with others by RCI Offroad it should work just fine with other similar hard roll up, soft roll up, and retractable tonneau covers. It is important to note again that this kit will only work with the RCI Adjustable Bed Racks and will raise the overall height of your rack by 3”. So please keep this in mind as you make your selection. Your 12” RCI Bed Rack will now have an approximate height of 15” and your 18” Adjustable Bed Rack will be at 21” approximately. If you store your truck in your garage it is important to ensure you have the proper clearance if you decide to go with the 18” Adjustable RCI Bed Rack.


Truck Brigade's Closing Remarks

We here at Truck Brigade are proud to be an authorized dealer for RCI Offroad and the RCI Bed Rack. We wanted to take this time to provide insight to those looking for solutions when building their overlanding rig or simply looking to maximize their trucks potential with a truck bed rack that allows use of a tonneau cover. Anyone that has owned a tonneau cover knows and understands the importance that it has when ensuring your cargo is safe and protected from the elements. Now thanks to RCI Offroad you have the ability to both utilize this valuable storage space while maximizing your truck’s potential. We are proud to offer 100% Free shipping on all RCI Bed Racks and RCI Offroad Accessories. We also provide a best price guarantee as well as in-house warranty support to ensure you have the best experience possible. Below you will find our selection of RCI 12” and 18” Adjustable Bed Racks as well as the RCI Offroad Tonneau Cover Adapters and some of the popular BAK Revolver X4 fitments. If you have any questions regarding fitment or if you do not see your BAK Revolver X4 fitment, please give us a call or chat in. We would be honored to assist you and ensure you have the proper gear for your journey.