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Lighting Options for Your PrinSu Roof Rack

December 22, 2021

It's been a day of fun exploring trails, however, now as the sun starts to set, you realize you're likely not going to be making it back to camp before night fall.  While headlights serve the purpose of lighting the path ahead, sometimes that's simply not enough when you've ventured far off of the beaten path. That's where LED lighting will come into play. In this blog, we are going to focus on ways to maximize the functionality of your PrinSu Roof Rack while simultaneously ensuring that your lighting needs are met.

Lets start at the front of the PrinSu Rack, seeing as this should be your primary focus in many scenarios. The solution here is quite simple... LED Light Bars. A LED Light Bar is a surefire way to increase visibility by lighting up the trail ahead. Seeing as this blog is geared towards lighting options to enhance the PrinSu Rack, it's important to note which deflector you purchased with the rack. You either purchased your PrinSu Rack with a deflector that already has a led light bar cut out or you purchased it with a standard deflector. If you fall into the category of someone who owns the standard deflector, it's important to note that you can easily swap out your deflector in mere seconds. For those who are interested in going that route, be sure to check out the link here - PrinSu Replacement Wind Deflector
with a 40" LED lightbar cutout. There are many different manufactures that have lightbars that will accommodate this cutout.


Now that we've covered lighting options for the front of the PrinSu Roof Rack, let's direct our attention to side lighting. Whether you are looking to light up the sides of the trail at night or you simply need some extra lighting at base camp, the PrinSu Ridgeline Handles with Baja Rock Lights will be tremendously beneficial. Not only have these handles been designed to accept the Baja Designs Rock Lights with ease but they double by providing a secure way to access gear on top of your rack at all times. Definitely a must-have for those who own a PrinSu Rack.

Ridgeline Handles with Baja Rock Lights

Now for the back of you PrinSu Rack, you might have to get a bit creative. There are no brackets or mounts specifically for the rear of the rack, but with a little ingenuity, you can rig something up.

PLEASE NOTE: These are just suggestions that some of our previous customers came up with to "make it work".

So first you would have to get some 20x3/4" Carriage Bolts. These will slide into the PrinSu rail and attach to the lights bracket, and hold the light anywhere you would like along it. So with this set up you can attach cube lights or even light bars facing the rear of your rig, ya don't want Bigfoot to sneak up on you during the night!

Here are some examples of lights.
Baja Designs Squadron Sport LED Light
Heretic 6 Series Light Bar - 10 Inch
So there you have it. You can light up your PrinSu rack 360*. Bigfoot ain't getting the drop on you!!

Give us a call, chat in, or send us an email should you have any questions as to what types of lighting would be best for your PrinSu Roof Rack. Our dedicated team will ensure you have everything you need for when you leave the pavement behind.