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Leitner Designs: What are the Best Accessories for your Leitner Truck Bed Rack

November 11, 2020

This is a continuation of our series discussing the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System and why it is the choice as your next Truck Bed Rack. If you are not familiar with Leitner Designs, the Leitner Racks or the Leitner Design Accessories we would recommend starting at the first post within this series. This guide has been developed to take you through every aspect of Leitner Designs: From the start of the company, the racks they offer, the accessories featured, as well as a brief overview of Leitner Designs Installations. We hope that these guides prove helpful as you plan for your journey and how accessories such as those from Leitner Designs can help you along that journey. Whether you are overlanding or looking for a revolutionary truck bed rack design, Leitner Designs is sure to have a cargo system for you. We would like to note that this is simply not a pitch for Leitner Designs or paid for by Leitner himself. We have bought and installed the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Bed Rack on our F150. We would like to simply pass on our experience and review as to provide you with the best information when making your own decision as to your next Truck Bed Rack. 

Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Accessories


Leitner Designs offers a host of proprietary accessories that are specifically made and designed to only be used on both the Classic and Forged Leitner Designs Active Cargo System. The must buy item when looking for accessories on your Leitner System is the Gear Pod XL. The Gear Pod XL provides an outstanding 40 gallons of storage space with a weight capacity of 150 lbs. This is a rotomolded design that will keep your gear out of the elements and comes equipped with a lockable latch, protecting your items from both mother nature and those with criminal intent. The smaller version of the Gear Pod XL is the Gear Pod. With a storage capacity of 10.5 gallons and a weight capacity of 65lbs, the gear pod is perfect for your smaller storage needs. The Gear Pod features the same rotomolded design with lockable latches that ensures your gear is well protected.  Both of these designs are equipped with a seal that runs along the entire edge of the opening, to further ensure mother nature is held at bay and your gear remains dry. The roto-molded polymer is also extremely UV resistant which will help ensure that your gear pods hold up in the sun and do not fade. After this the must have accessory for your Leitner Rack is the Leitner Designs Universal Mounting Plate. This truly opens the versatility of your Leitner Rack up and allows you to host several items such as RotopaX fuel packs or water packs as well as vital tools such as shovels, picks, and axes. The optional accessories for your Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack do not stop there with the availability to mount MAXTRAX, Roof Top Tents, and Awnings. The versatility you find with Leitner Designs makes the Leitner Rack the choice for your next Truck Bed Rack.

Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading authorized dealer for Leitner Designs Active Cargo Systems and all Leitner Accessories. We take the time to personally vet each item that we feature on our website to ensure that it holds up to our personal standards and will truly serve our customers. As mentioned earlier, it is the truck bed rack that one of our owners carries on his rig. His Leitner System is fully equipped with a Roof Top Tent, Gear Pods, a Gear Pod XL, RotopaX, and MAXTRAX. We can personally attest to the versatility and durability of the Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack as it has accompanied us on our journeys. If you are considering the Leitner Rack for your overland build or as your next truck bed rack, allow us to assist you. We offer 100% free shipping on all Leitner Racks and Leitner Designs Accessories, with full in-house warranty support, and a lowest price guarantee. When you join the Brigade, you are more than a customer, you are family, and we treat you as such. Below we feature the most popular Leitner Accessories If you do not see yours there, please give us a call or chat in to receive a guaranteed fitment on your Leitner Designs ACS Bed Rack or Leitner Designs Accessory.