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Leitner Designs: Installation of your Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack

November 11, 2020

This is a continuation of our Leitner Designs Blog Series discussing why the Leitner Rack is the choice as your next Truck Bed Rack. If you are not familiar with Leitner Designs, their Truck Bed Racks, or the Leitner Designs Accessories we would recommend starting with the first post within this series. We want these posts to serve as a guide for those stepping into the world of overlanding or for those simply looking for a revolutionary truck bed rack. Again we would like to note that this is by no means a simple pitch for Leitner Designs or paid for by Leitner himself. We have bought and installed the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System Bed Rack on our Truck and would simply like to pass on our review and experience as to why this is a go to choice for a truck bed rack. If you are looking for your vehicles specific installation instructions please call or chat in. We would be happy to provide you with them so you have everything you need to properly install your Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack on your vehicle. We are excited to assist you on your journey as you discover the world around you. 


Installing your Leitner Truck Bed Rack.

Installation of your Leitner Truck Bed Rack is straight forward but it is important to take your time to ensure a good and proper fitment. The Leitner Designs Bed Rack is completely modular so your active cargo system will arrive in all the different segments to complete the rack. All these segments from the uprights to the cross bars will be mounted to two rails that will then be clamped onto the bed caps using c-clamps. Up to this point no drilling will be required. Some adjusting will be required to ensure your Leitner Rack is a proper fit for both the width and length of your bed, as well as ensuring it is completely square. After your adjustments are made, you will then have to drill into the bed for the cargo system's support bars. It is important to note that the support bars do not go very deep into the bed and provide plenty of room for additional cargo or the Decked Cargo System. Be sure to take your time to measure twice and drill once. Leitner recommends either using the support brackets and punching a mark for the hole or leaving the brackets in place as you drill a pilot hole with a ¼ inch bit. After the pilot hole or punch mark is made you can rotate the brackets out of the way and drill. From here you will simply insert supplied rivet nuts and then attach the brackets into place with supplied bolts. Ensure all hardware is tightened down and you are ready to hit the trail. There will be supplied directions that take you step by step from start to finish of the installation and should you hit a snag anytime we here at Truck Brigade are happy to help. This is simply to provide a brief overview of what you will encounter during installation to help properly set installation expectation.


Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading authorized dealer for Leitner Designs Active Cargo Systems and all Leitner Accessories. We take the time to personally vet each item that we feature on our website to ensure that it holds up to our personal standards and will truly serve our customers. As mentioned earlier, it is the truck bed rack that one of our owners carries on his rig. His Leitner System is fully equipped with a Roof Top Tent, Gear Pods, a Gear Pod XL, RotopaX, and MAXTRAX. We offer 100% free shipping on all Leitner Racks and Leitner Designs Accessories, with full in-house warranty support, and a lowest price guarantee. When you join the Brigade, you are more than a customer, you are family, and we treat you as such. Below you will find our most popular fitments. If you do not see your fitment, please give us a call or chat in to receive a guaranteed fitment on your Leitner Designs ACS Bed Rack or Leitner Designs Accessories.