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Black Friday 2021 Buyers Guide To: Recovery Devices

October 15, 2021

Helpful Recovery Items for Black Friday 2021


Alright, so you have your bed rack, your roof top tent, you've added rock sliders and ready to go out in that great big world and explore! Fantastic! So while we know, nobody is going to admit this...but...What happens when you get stuck? Its going to happen at some point, and you don't want to be unprepared when it happens. So here in this guide, we are going to go over some key items that you should have. Its really recommended to have at least one of these recovery devices listed below. Even better, have all of them.


Hi-Lift Jack Mount Recovery Devices

Constructed from Iron Castings (Left) or Cast/Steel Jack (Right)
Cast Iron Hi-Lift Jack available in 42”, 48”, & 60” lengths.
Hi-Lift Cast/Steel Jack available in 36”, 42”, 48”, & 60” lengths.
Safety bolt are designed to shear at 7,000 lbs.
Lifting unit automatically drops when load is removed.
Adjustable top clamp/clevis provides efficient clamping and winching.
hi-lift-all-cast-jack      hi-lift-all-cast-jack-truck  Hi-Lift Cast/Steel Jack

MaxTraX Recovery Boards

A must-carry recovery device for those of you that find your way off the beaten path.
Made from engineering-grade reinforced nylon.
Innovative “nesting” design; easy storage & transport.
Structural beams run full length for serious traction.
When inverted, the underside of the boards double as a shovel.
Unique keyhole design provides you with a variety of mounting options.
12+ colors to choose from for customizing your rig.




Off-road vehicles may be equipped with a winches on the front and/or back bumpers.
The Warn or Smittybilt winch is used to pull vehicles out of mud, snow, sand, rocks, and water, and to pull vehicles through or over obstacles.
The winch is made of cable made up of a braided synthetic rope, or a steel cable.
Available in a variety of sizes from 8000 lb. to 15000 lb. pulling capacity.
They can be controlled electronically, or wirelessly, allowing the operator to control the winch speed.

                                                      warn-premium-series-zeon-10-winch-1 Warn Winch Recovery smittybilt-x2o-gen-2-comp-synthetic-line-winch-10000-lbs



Give us a call, chat in, or send us an email should you have any questions as to what Recovery Devices you have your eye on this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Our dedicated team will ensure you have everything you need for when you leave the pavement behind, looking for gift ideas, or when you do your holiday shopping this November 26. Get your order in before the shipping delays.

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