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Black Friday Buyers Guide: Cali Raised LED

October 06, 2021

Make Adventure Come To Life This Black Friday With
Cali Raised LED


Cali Raised LED set out with the mission to never settle for “Good Enough” and they did just that with their Roof Racks, Skid Plates, And Bed Racks! This Black Friday don’t settle for just “Good Enough” and get something that will last for years to come with Cali Raised! The focus at Cali Raised is three-fold with a quality design, meticulous manufacturing, and a wonderful customer service; three tenets that’s we strongly value at Truck Brigade. The additions you make to your rig should truly make the adventure come to life encouraging you to truly rise up and seek adventure at every turn. This Black Friday and holiday season; improve your rig so you can also rise up to seek the adventure that is just beyond where the pavement ends.



Racks on Racks on Racks


Cali Raised LED places a strong focus on Toyota vehicles, specifically the Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma.  With two different roof rack models for both the 2ndand 3rd Gen Tacoma as well as the 5th Gen 4Runner there is a rack that is sure to fit your needs. With Cali Raised you have their Premium Roof Rack and the Economy Version. Simply put the Premium Roof Rack has some features that set it apart not just from their Economy Roof Rack; but every other Roof Rack on the market currently.  The first feature that you will see if the all new ALWD, Adjustable LED Wind Deflector. This allows you to completely hide your light bar from site when not in use and with a simple push on the front of the fairing your light bar is unobstructed and ready to illuminate the trail ahead. This keeps your vehicle 100% street legal when off the trail, provides a clean seamless appearance, and is just simply a cool feature. Not to mention this can help decrease wind noise when driving down the highway by having a full fairing. The Economy Rack is the bare bones version of this but just as capable when it comes to hauling and ensuring you have the gear you need.

For Bed Racks Cali Raised provides fitments for the Tacoma of course but also the Toyota Tundra and Chevy Colorado! These Overland Truck Bed Racks are designed to be lightweight, durable, and boasts a 1,100 lb. weight rating while only weighing 60 lbs. This rack allows you to mount anything you may need when you venture into the unknown.

Ride Hard or Stay Home

Cali Raised LED didn't stop with their selection of roof and bed racks and also designed some impressive armor to ensure your rig is trail ready. They do say ride hard or stay home; and we know that adventure lies just beyond the paved road. Cali Raised designed Rock Sliders to further protect your rig as well as serve as a step when getting in and out of your rig. Their Rock Sliders are offered in two distinctive groups the Trail and Step Edition.

The Step Edition will be complete with a top plate to provide ample stepping space as well as providing useful protection and as a recovery or pivot point. The Trail Edition will provide all of the benefits as the Step Edition but would not have top plates making it a little less friendly when using as a step. Both the Trail and Step Edition Rock Sliders from Cali Raised are customizable to your liking with options for a kick out and three different finishes: Bare Metal, Black Powdercoat, or a Bed Liner Finish. If you are on the fence regarding the kick out it's important to ask yourself what trails do you frequent and how do you drive your rig. The option with a kick out is great to help keep obstacles away from the back tire, serves as additional stepping space for the rear door, and can serve as a pivot point. The option without a kick out would be best used on narrower trails and if you do not intent to use the sliders as a pivot point. 

Cali Raised keeps their skid plate options specific to the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma. Their complete skid plate package for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma is full equipped with protection for your Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Lower Control Arms, and your Fuel Tank. Cali Raised Tacoma skids are completely bolt on with zero modification to your truck...making these skids an easy pick when looking to protect your rig. Each Skid Plate by Cali Raised LED is constructed of 3/16th Steel with Grade 8 Hardware to ensure durability and a perfect fit. You can buy each of these items individually but if you want complete protection then the Complete Skid Plate Collection is the way to go this Black Friday.



Please Help Me Find Molle


We are of course talking about Molle Panels and the importance that they can play when keeping your gear organized. Cali Raised designed in bed Molle Panel Systems to mount to the sides and front of your truck bed. Keeping the floor of your bed clear and ready for more gear. This also ensures that everything has its place and is easy to reach! Cali Raised also designed specific Molle Panels to increase the interior organization of your Tacoma or 4Runner!


Cali Raised: Don't Settle For Good Enough This Holiday Season

Black Friday 2021 is right around the corner and I am sure most of you have November 26 circled on the calendar, waiting for the Black Friday Worthy Deals to kick into effect to begin your holiday shopping. As you do your research and review what fits best for your rig and the adventure you may have planned; Cali Raised LED is a brand you want to make sure is on your list. Whether outfitting a Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, or your Chevy Colorado; Cali Raised has an adventure ready mod ready for your rig. Be sure to give us a call, chat in, or send an email to our dedicated team that is ready to assist and ensure you have the gear that best works for you.

*Truck Brigade Tip: Still can't find that perfect gift while our Cali Raised Black Friday Sales are active? Ask us about our Gift Cards and let that special someone choose their own!

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