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Buyers Guide: 5 Must-Have Items For Your Leitner Designs Active Cargo System

September 09, 2019

Since inception, Leitner Designs has stood for quality and function. The Active Cargo System itself is an amazing product, but adding Leitner Designs ACS accessories to the rack can make your setup that much better. We have real world experience with their products and will highlight some must have products for your Active Cargo System.

You likely have heard of the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System or even seen one in person if you have spent any time in the industry or attended an overland event. Out of the box, the ACS is a fantastic product. Fully TIG welded military grade aluminum construction, sliding center load bars, and endless mounting options are just some of the reasons why the Active Cargo System is one of our favorites.

One of the biggest benefits is the numerous products offered by Leitner Designs that were designed to work flawlessly with the Active Cargo Systems. These include gear pods, hi-lift mounts, universal mounting plates, tent mounts, light mounts, Maxtrax mounts, and many more. Here are the 5 must have products for your Leitner Designs Active Cargo System:

Leitner Designs Gear Pod
The Leitner Designs Gear Pod is on of the most popular accessories for good reason. The Gear Pod can best be described as a side-mounted storage pod that is fully lockable/secure, features an automotive silicon seal, and offers 10.5 gallons of storage space. The Gear Pod was designed to work exclusively on all sizes of the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System and is easily installed or removed with just 4 t-bolts.

Leitner Designs Gear Pod XL
Now that you know about the Leitner Designs Gear Pod we introduce the Gear Pod XL which features many of the same benefits the standard Gear Pod does but with 4 times the storage capacity. Yes. you heard that right. The Gear Pod XL features 40 gallons of storage and is also fully secure and lockable. The XL is rated to hold up to 150 lbs. and works perfectly for storing camping gear, food, or tools.

Leitner Designs Universal Mounting Plate
The Universal Mounting Plate is just like it sounds… a plate that can mount an array of accessories. Most frequently the Universal Mounting Plates are used in conjunction with RotoPax fuel and water cans and Qucikfist Clamps allowing you to mount a number of different tools and accessories to the ACS. These plates feature many different predrilled holes allowing endless uses. Like the Gear Pods, the Mount Plates feature simple t-slot installation meaning they can be installed or removed in seconds.

Leitner Designs Maxtrax Mounts
Leitner Designs offers a few different options when it comes to mounting a Maxtrax recovery device to their Active Cargo Systems. This includes a Maxtrax Mounting Plate which allows you to mount the device alongside the side of your rack and also Gear Pod XL mounting option which enables you to mount the device directly to the back of a Gear Pod XL. Both of these options are great although our favorite is the option of mounting it to the back of the Gear Pod XL due to the space savings and easy accessibility it offers.

Leitner Designs Extra Load Bar Kit
Every Leitner Active Cargo System will come with two Load Bars. You have the option to order additional Load Bars if desired. While additional Load Bars are not necessary even when running a larger roof top tent, we personally like the extra support and the look of having 1-2 additional Load Bars.

The configuration options are really endless when it comes to Leitner Designs. Their Active Cargo Systems are available for just about any truck out there and their accessories are designed to work flawlessly with their rack regardless of the application. These are just some of our favorites and what we consider a must have for those of you who have an Active Cargo System or are looking into purchasing one. If you have any questions about Leitner Designs products or what might work best for you don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.