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2022+ Toyota Tundra Roof Racks Available Now!

January 31, 2022


Premier 3rd Gen Tundra Roof Racks


The all-new Toyota Tundra is here and making waves not only for its design but also for being Toyota’s most powerful, most capable, and most advanced body-on-frame full size truck ever. With a roomy interior, unlimited capabilities both on and off-road, and loaded with technology to make everyday life easier it is obvious that the 2022 Toyota Tundra will find its place within the Overland Community.

One upgrade that will maximize your new Tundra’s capabilities is an Overland ready Roof Rack. For now, there are two industry-leading manufacturers offering 2022 Toyota Tundra Roof Racks, these being PrinSu Design and upTOP Overland. It should be noted that upTOP does offer two variations for the Tundra, Alpha and Bravo, but we will get into that later and point out of the difference of each. Roof racks built for the adventure that overlanding brings are not your standard rack that comes from the factory line. These racks are built to carry the gear you depend on when setting off on an adventure. In addition, they must withstand whatever that adventure throws your way and are built to be extremely durable in any conditions or climates. After reviewing the two options below you should have a good idea of what rack may fit the needs of your new Tundra but if you still aren’t sure, be sure to contact our team and we will ensure you have the rack that will work the best for you.


PrinSu Design Studio Toyota Tundra Crewmax Roof Rack | 2022


PrinSu is a well-known name within the Overlanding Community. Chances are that if you have hit the trail on the weekend or attended an Overland Expo, you have seen a PrinSu Rack and that is for good reason. They are straight forward to install, capable of holding the gear you need on the trail, and durable; all while having a sleek design and appearance. The 3rd Generation Tundra CrewMax Roof Rack is custom engineered to fit the newest Tundra model. These fully modular rugged Tundra Roof Racks are constructed of high-grade 3/16” 5052 aerospace aluminum with laser cut side rails, and seven (7) 2-inch x 1-inch extruded aluminum crossbars; all sourced and built right here in the USA! Each 2022 Tundra PrinSu Roof Rack includes a wind fairing with the option to select a cutout for a 40-inch light bar or without and noise reducing edge trim to help ensure that your cabin is free from unwanted noise while traveling at high speeds.

The modular design allows you to easily add and remove mounts as your needs change, ensuring you have the gear you need when you need it. The installation does require drilling, as nearly all racks of this caliber will require, but the step-by-step instructions allow this to be a relatively straight forward process. The all-aluminum construction, sleek lightweight aerodynamic design, high strength aluminum crossbars with drop points, and the care and confidence that goes into each PrinSu Roof Rack makes this an easy choice for your 2022 Tundra.




upTOP Overland boast some of the best trail ready Roof Racks on the market with an unique look, massive footprint, and unlimited mounting capabilities. As the only roof rack that offers the ability to paint match from their facility, it quickly becomes an obvious choice for those that want to stand out both with looks and functionality. upTOP Overland has two different models that we will review, the upTOP Alpha Tundra CrewMax Roof Rack 2022+ and the upTOP Bravo Tundra CrewMAX Roof Rack. Both roof rack models for the 3rd Gen Tundra are constructed with 6062 1/4-inch aluminum with seven (7) 1-inch x 2-inch 80/20 extruded aluminum crossbars, and 8 mounting feet and a front fairing (with optional light cutout) constructed of the 6062 1/4 inch aluminum. Both Tundra roof racks, the Alpha and Bravo, work with the OEM antenna and standard sunroof. Just like with PrinSu Rack, you will be required to drill into the roof of your Tundra to complete the installation. Lastly, upTOP Overland provides an impressively large platform with the dimensions coming in at 53-inches x 72-inches.

The upTOP Overland Alpha Tundra CrewMax Roof Rack is the premium model of the two with the optional color match on either the grooveTEK (inner) or armorTEK (outer panel). The dual panel sides not only give you the option to color match but provide a very different design with the grooveTEK providing tie down points down the entire length of the roof rack. That is the basic benefit of grooveTEK but if you may still be asking, “What is grooveTEK?”. gooveTEK is upTOP Overland’s multi-functional tie down system designed to specifically lock in the hook of bungee cords. The angled design coupled with the narrow opening help ensure that the bungee cord’s hook doesn’t slip free. So now is the question of, “What is armorTEK?”. armorTEK enhance the aesthetics of the rack on the truck while serving a functional purpose of hiding and protecting the wiring meant for rooftop accessories in a 1/2" channel between the armorTEK (outer) and grooveTEK (inner) panels. To top if off the Alpha Series Rack for the new Tundra comes with 4 handles, making accessing your gear much easier. The upTOP Overland Bravo Tundra CrewMax Roof Rack delivers on performance without all of the extras. The Bravo Series features grooveARMOR sides that are a single panel and still has some of the features found in the Alpha’s grooveTEK plating. Specifically, the feature that allows you to easily hook into the rack with a bungie cord and secure your gear along the entire length of the rack.

Both upTOP Overland and PrinSu Design Studio have a variety of mounts to ensure that you have the gear needed for the adventure ahead with the ability to mount items such as Hi-Lift mounts, MAXTRAX Recovery Boards, lighting with PrinSu’s Ridgeline Handles or upTOP’s scenePODS, roof top tent mounts, awning mounts, RotoPaX Mounts, and more. The ability to customize your roof rack to your specific needs is nearly unlimited and the crew at Truck Brigade is here to help, should you need it! For our selection of PrinSu Mounts & Accessories click HERE, for our selection of upTOP Overland Mounts & Accessories click HERE.

We hope that this provides some insight into the differences between the two main brands, PrinSu and upTOP Overland, that have roof racks available for the all-new Toyota Tundra. Truck Brigade is committed to ensuring that you have the gear needed to make your next adventure the best one yet. If you have any questions on these overland roof racks, please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat feature at the bottom of the page, by sending an email to, or by giving us a call at (888)550-3028.