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2021 Overland Buyers Guide

February 11, 2021

Buyers Guide for Everything Overland in 2021


If you have never considered Overlanding or utilizing your vehicle for more than just basic transportation, 2021 may be the year to start seeing just what your Truck or SUV is capable of. With social distancing looking to continue to be a staple of our lives there is one activity that keeps you distant from others but brings those accompanying you not just closer together but closer to nature as well. While a first look may seem like you must completely transform your vehicle from a daily commuter to a fully built overland rig, that is not the case. While some things are essential to have on your trip there are others that just add a bit of wow factor to your expedition. I will say that the first time you are setting up your standard tent and your neighbor unhooks some latches and has their Roof Top Tent set up in a matter of minutes; you will start looking into what needs to happen to have one of your own. For those looking to add some adventure to 2021 our Overland Buyers Guide will help separate the essential overlanding gear from the stuff that should be on your overland wish list.

One of the key components needed is a vehicle that will venture off the pavement in stride. We are going to assume you have already found your future rig and are now looking to outfit it with the gear to make the journey. Many people quickly associate Overlanding with Roof Top Tents, Rock Sliders, and a Rig that looks like it would intimidate the harshest of trails. While that is nice to look at and can dramatically increase the versatility of your rig, it is not essential. What is essential is a desire to explore and the ability to be present in the moment with those that may accompany you on your journey; the trail is where memories are made. We will first cover gear that is essential to a successful trip where you may be a distance from civilization and then cover those items that while they are not “essential” they certainly make a difference when out on the trail.

The Fuel You and Your Rig Depend On: Gas and Water



LifeSaver Jerry Can


When leaving the world behind there are some essentials that you absolutely must have to keep going; Fuel and Water. We have several solutions that directly address these needs to ensure your overland expedition does not get derailed. One of our favorites here at Truck Brigade is the LifeSaver Jerry Can. This is perfect for never running out of clean drinking water and has an optional sprayer attachment that is ideal for rinsing off dishes or a quick shower. The inventor of the LifeSaver Jerry Can, Michael Prtichard, started developing this after the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The goal here was to create a portable filtration device that did not require a power source and produced clean drinking water. After several iterations were developed, we arrived at the LifeSaver Jerry Can 20000UF. As the name states this is a traditional Jerry Can with a filter that not only filters out things like bacteria, viruses, cysts, and other particulates but also improves the taste of the water by utilizing a charcoal filter. The LifeSaver Jerry Can has a 4.88 gallon storage capacity and is capable of filtering 5,282 gallons before the filter needs to be replaced. The capability of having clean drinking water is critical to the success of any expedition. 

RotopaX Storage Containers

RotoPaX offers solutions for water as well but the focus here is the RotopaX Gasoline Containers. RotoPax offers various sizes such as 2-, 3-, and 4-gallon gasoline containers to fit any journey. The containers from RotopaX are rotationally molded for increased strength and are equipped with an ECO spout specifically designed to prevent spills. In addition, this meets all permeability requirements according to the government standard. These Fuel containers are easily mounted on a variety of racks so it is easy to attach or store the container on your trip.

We Didn't Get Stuck in 2020; Don’t Get Stuck in 2021

MAXTRAX Recovery Boards

Many may tell you that they will never get stuck or can get out of any situation. These are usually the same people that caught the biggest fish you have ever heard of, but they had to throw it back and coincidentally were unable to get a picture of it. Whether we like to admit it or not there will be a time that you will get stuck; this is something that comes with the territory of forging your own path. Traditionally a winch is the solution to this problem, but we do have another option that is substantially less expensive and has been rigorously tested on all seven continents: MAXTRAX Recovery Boards. MAXTRAX is based in Australia and every board is manufactured using 100% Australian sourced materials. Since their inception in 2005, this recovery device has been used in the most extreme conditions known to man, is recommended by the International Four-Wheel Drive Trainers Association, and utilized by both expedition leaders as well as military units around the world. These recovery devices feature large cleats that sink their teeth into the tire as well as the terrain under the ground allowing you to gain traction even in the worst conditions. They have been tested and are able to wrap themselves around a 33-inch tire without breaking, so these are durable boards that are ready to answer the call when needed. They store easily due to their nesting designed and can easily mount to any roof rack or bed rack. This is the simple addition you don’t want to be caught without.


The other go-to for your recovery needs is well known among the overland and off-road community. This is your classic Winch. Winch’s come in a variety of strengths depending on your needs and the weight of your vehicle when it is loaded down with gear. A solid option to go with here is the Warn Standard Duty VR10-S Winch. This would provide you with a capable winch ready to pull you out of any situation. With a pull capacity of 10,000 lbs. and equipped with a synthetic rope, this winch is both durable and capable…and does not come in at too bad of a price being under $850. If you plan on doing solo expeditions don’t underestimate the importance of recovery gear.

We all gotta Eat

Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill

You must have sustenance to thrive and to thrive you must be able to cook. This is where the Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill comes in. This grill provides 18” of cooking surface that is pre-seasoned and ready to be put to use. The legs are adjustable, and the new Kovea Scout Burner is powerful enough to withstand wind so you can finish cooking. In addition, the cleanup and maintenance ensure that more time is spent enjoying natures with your friends and loved ones. When not in use, the Tembo Tusk Skottle grill takes up minimal space to ensure you have space for any other gear you may need on the trail.

All this gear for your overland trip and no where to store it.

Now that we have a good amount of gear…where are you going to store it? The addition of a roof rack or bed rack ensures that your gear is stowed away and organized, ready when you need it. While there are a ton of different options to choose from, we are only going to touch on one Roof Rack and one Bed Rack.

PrinSu Roof Rack

The PrinSu Roof Rack is a quick and efficient way to add storage to the roof of your truck. With options to mount your RotopaX, MAXTRAX, Hi-lift Jacks, as well as storage containers such as the ROAM Rugged Case; the possibilities are endless.  In addition, you can mount a light bar to ensure the trail ahead is illuminated. Another nice accessory that PrinSu recently released are the ridgeline handles that provide grab points along the sides of the rack as well as the option for integrated lights. The PrinSu Roof Rack is a drill free installation in some cases but if not, the directions are straight forward and easy to follow. This roof rack is also fully capable of mounts a Roof Top Tent if you decided to go that route.

Leitner ACS Bed Rack

For a bed rack the Leitner ACS Bed Rack is a solid option when unleashing the potential of your truck bed. With optional storage compartments call Gear Pods, for any gear you may want to keep out of the rain, you also have the ability to mount your RotopaX, MAXTRAX, Hi-Lift Jacks, and light pods. If you decided to get a Roof Top Tent you would not lose the ability to have the rest of your gear securely mounted to your rack. Our personal favorite part about this rack is the ability for the rear crossbar to adjust its position and slide forward. This allows you to still utilize your bed as it was meant to be used; unobstructed and ready for the task. 

Shelter from the Elements


Body Armor 4X4 Pike 2 Person Roof Top Tent

While a roof top tent will quickly become the dream of those that first start researching overlanding that investment may be a bit much before you find you have a passion for it. But there is one roof top tent that doesn’t kill the budget but also doesn’t skimp on durability or practicality. The Body Armor 4X4 2-Person Pike Tent is a light weight, durable Roof Top Tent that mounts perfectly to roof racks or bed racks. At under $900 it is hard to pass up the value you receive, and it really allows those that may be unsure of their commitment to overlanding to not spend $1500+ on a tent. The walls of the tent are made with durable material including aluminum framing and marine grade stainless steel. The mattress that is included is approximately 2” thick and provides a comfortable place to rest your head. The tent is also equipped with a sky light that is perfect to have open at night to stargaze from the comfort of your tent. The only negative that some may note would be the lack of an anticondensation matt, but this is something that can be easily added. Other than that, the Body Armor 4X4 Pike 2-Person tent is the perfect option for those wanting to get into the overlanding with a full roof top tent and not spending an arm and a leg.

These accessories are not the absolute must have’s, but they certainly do help. Some items such as a medic kit, tools to repair a tire, basic tool kit in case you need to work on your rig, and the ability to store food and water as the true necessities that you will not get far without. The items outlined are ones for those looking to jump into overlanding without building a full rig ready for Moab.