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Brand Introduction: MAXTRAX

July 04, 2019

MAXTRAX was born in 2001 after a particularly stressful situation on a remote Queensland Beach. Today, MAXTRAX has grown to be a leading accessory for all types of vehicles including lifeguard services, rural fire services, state emergency branches, Australian Army, US Defense Force, and the United Nations. To this day the MAXTRAX Recovery Devices and products are still proudly made in Australia.

Over the years MAXTRAX has added numerous awards and accolades to their collection. This includes the Best New Product Under $500 (Australian 4WD Monthly Magazine) and two Global Media Awards for Best New Product at the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another true testament to the functionality of the MAXTRAX products is the fact that they are sold in over 30 countries of which include USA, Chile, South Africa UAE, Egypt, France, Russia, and many more.

While it is easy to agree that the MAXTRAX products have great recognition and are distributed worldwide, you may still be curious as to what exactly this product does. MAXTRAX classifies their product as a recovery device and we would tend to agree that is probably the best way to think of it.

When you think of a recovery device one thing that might come to mind is a Winch. Well, MAXTRAX recovery devices are far different. For years, people have been putting wood and anything else in reach under their tires when they are stuck in sand, mud, snow, etc. That is where the MAXTRAX Recovery Devices come in clutch.

If you’re an offroad enthusiast, certainly you can relate to a time when your day was cut short due to getting stuck. These times are never fun, but the MAXTRAX Recovery Devices are designed to help in these stressful situations. By simply placing a MAXTRAX Traction Board in front and slightly under your tire, you will be back to having fun in no time. Simply place the board in a location where your tire can grip the aggressive large cleats that cover the MAXTRAX board and you should be off and on your way.

As of right now MAXTRAX offers three different kinds of recovery devices. This includes the following:
  • MAXTRAX MKII – The MKII from MAXTRAX is their flagship recovery device and is the one you would most likely be familiar with. This product features Australian-sourced reinforced, engineering grade nylon and measures roughly 45 inches long and 13 inches wide. In addition to the nylon construction, the boards feature rugged teeth designed to interlock with your tires tread to get you out of the toughest situations in no time.

    This device also features six built-in handles and acts as a shovel on both ends of the board. This is perfect if you are needing to dig out material such as sand or snow.

    If coloring is of importance, MAXTRAX offers the MKII in 15 different colors ranging from Safety Orange (standard color) to pink, blue, maroon, black, yellow, etc.


  • MAXTRAX XTREME - The XTREME is touted as the most advanced recovery board ever created. That is due to the 88 hard coated replaceable aluminum teeth. In addition, the board is reinforced and designed to be able to handle additional weight over its MKII counterpart.

    These 88 hard-coated aluminum teeth are significantly harder and more durable than the rubber compound found in tires and more resistant to spinning a tire compared to the polymer out there today. These teeth are super easy to replace out on the trail as well. It’s as simple as taking a T-50 Torx bit and removing the tooth and replacing it with a new one.

  • MAXTRAX Mini Set – If space is a concern or you are looking to extend the length of the traditional MKII recovery device then the MAXTRAX Mini Set could be a great product for you. The Mini is 60% of the length compared to MAXTRAX’s traditional MKII and offers the ability to interconnect the two to have an extended device.

  • MAXTRAX Mounting Pins – MAXTRAX has designed and developed the mounting pins to work flawlessly with their recovery devices. These pins allow you to mount your device to a bed rack, roof rack, and many other things. These pins also allow the use of a small cable lock to ensure your MAXTRAX is safe and secure.

MAXTRAX also offers the MAXTRAX Mini + JaxBase Combo, MAXTRAX JaxBase, and a Fixing and Linking Kit, MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Sets, MAXTRAX Tube Mounts, and MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harnesses.

We can all agree that getting stuck in mud, snow, or sand is not a fun time and can take away from time spent exploring and adventuring with family and friends. That is exactly why the Truck Brigade crew are huge supporters of the MAXTRAX products and what they stand for. We are such supporters that we even run these on our own trucks. The MKII has saved us numerous times and for that we are very grateful and will continue to be huge advocates for their products.

If you have any specific questions about their products don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.