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Brand Introduction: PrinSu Design Studio

June 15, 2019


Over the last decade, Roof Racks have become increasingly popular. Let’s face it, they make transporting cargo a breeze and double in use by freeing up valuable storage space elsewhere. While there is a slew of Roof Racks available, we think it is safe to say that the PrinSu Roof Racks are second to none. PrinSu Design Studio’s main product offering includes the PrinSu CabRack which is designed specifically for the cab and the PrinSu TopRack which is designed to be used in conjunction with a camper shell. Both of these PrinSu Racks are very similar in construction and offer many of the same benefits. Whether you are looking for the ability to mount items in a clean and concise manner or simply a rack that sports a low profile design, the PrinSu Roof Racks are probably the first place any of the Truck Brigade Experts would start.

At the end of the day, what is the reason anyone would ever get a Roof Rack for their vehicle? One of the main purposes it serves is the ability to securely mount a variety of accessories such as RotoPaX Containers, MAXTRAX Recovery Boards, shovels and tools, a Roof Top Tent, and an Awning. All of this and much more can easily be done with the PrinSu Racks.

One of our favorite features of the PrinSu Roof Racks is their aluminum construction paired with the modularity. Aluminum is typically lighter and stronger while also being resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, each PrinSu Roof Rack is topped off with a black powder-coat finish, providing further protection against the elements. Another huge benefit is the versatility and adaptability of the PrinSu Racks. What does this exactly mean? Well, it means that you can configure your Roof Rack any way you want. The PrinSu Rack comes standard with aluminum extruded T channel cross bars that can be slid toward the front or rear of your Rack depending on one’s preference.

One of the features particular to the PrinSu Design CabRack and the PrinSu Design AccessRack is the ability to select a specific wind deflector. The options include a standard wind deflector or the option to select a wind deflector with a cutout for a 40” Light Bar.


In addition to the impressive features of the PrinSu Racks, PrinSu Design Studio  has also developed several accessories that work flawlessly with their lineup of Roof Racks. This includes the PrinSu Design Studio Noise Reducing Edge Trim, PrinSu Design Studio Awning Mount Brackets,PrinSu Design Studio Light Bar Mounts, additional PrinSu Design Studio Cross Bars, PrinSu Design Studio Tent Mounting Feet, and your choice of a Single Load Panel or Double Load Panel.


Over the years, our crew has worked with several different Overland Roof Racks / Off-road Roof Racks and consider the PrinSu Racks to be easily among the best. Not only are PrinSu Roof Racks high-quality and aesthetically pleasing, they also feature a hassle-free installation. In fact, many of their applications such as the Toyota Tacoma CabRacks mount to factory locations and feature a drill-free installation! Combine these features with their competitive pricing and Truck Brigade’s Legendary Free Shipping and you have yourself a winner! For more information on our selection of Tacoma Roof Racks, 4Runner Roof Racks, Tundra Roof Racks, and other product offering, please contact us at (888)550-3028 or LiveChat with an expert!