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Brand Introduction: OVS - Inspire, Empower To Adventure

December 28, 2021

Overland Vehicle Systems



Overlanding Vehicle Systems, or better known as OVS, has a single core mission that is evident in every product they produce. This mission is to inspire and empower people to adventure. Inspire and empower people to take the trail that isn’t on the GPS, to explore further, wander more, and simply get outdoors and embark on your own adventure. Overlanding is best defined as self-reliant travel where the journey is the focus rather than the destination. This definition further reinforces the idea of empowering people to embark on a journey of their own and simply have an adventure. However, without the proper gear your journey can be cut short. When you run into trouble in town help is only a phone call away but when you run into trouble while on your own adventure…that adventure can take you places that are truly “off the grid”. That is where the words self-reliant are truly important and it’s even more important to have the gear that will allow your adventure to persevere through inevitable speed bumps.

The memories you create on your adventure are what will fuel future adventures and as mentioned, without the gear to get you there…you can find your adventure cut short. OVS is comprised of a team that seeks adventure, believes in the importance of the journey, and inspires others to find their own passion to explore where they might not have previously. Through years of involvement within the off-road community and personal experience wheeling across America and Mexico; OVS knows firsthand the gear that will not only get you there but stand up to the abuse that adventure brings. Designing only the highest quality off-road and overlanding accessories, OVS has established themselves as a brand that you can depend on. This importance on quality combined with the idea of empowering others to seek their own adventure is why Truck Brigade decided to bring them on as a brand and become an authorized dealer. At Truck Brigade, we take the time to identify brands that are in line with our own personal expectations for quality, durability, and overall customer experience; OVS exceeded these requirements.


If you haven’t heard of OVS before keep reading to learn about some of the core products that are built to inspire you to embark on your own adventure.



OVS has a line of awnings that are built to fit the specific needs of your adventure. OVS’ line of awnings are referred to as Nomadic Awnings. These range from the basic side awning to 270 awnings, and 180 awnings. The basic side Nomadic awning is what you most commonly see, an awning that goes straight out from the vehicle and ranges in length between 8ft and 6.5ft and extends out approximately 8ft. With the Nomadic 270 this provides side coverage and wraps around to the rear of the vehicle and extends all the way up to the front of your vehicle. There is an LT version of the 270 available that would stop short of the front but still wrap around to the rear of your vehicle. Lastly, the Nomadic 180 extends from the side of the vehicle with two “wings” that extend down the sides to help provide additional coverage. All of the Nomadic Awnings comes with optional sidewalls to provide the absolute most coverage.


Roof Top Tents:

OVS has a line of roof top tents that also go by the name Nomadic. The three tents within this line are Nomadic 2, Nomadic 3, and Nomadic 4 with the numbers defining how many people can comfortably sleep inside the roof top tent. Comprised of the finest materials including a one-piece diamond plated base, marine grad stainless steel hardware, 96” telescoping ladder, and is completely 4 season ready with 600D Heavy Duty Poly Cotton Rip Stop Canvas; the Nomadic series of tents from OVS is ready to embark on your next adventure.


Bed Racks:

OVS has two main offerings for bed racks, the Freedom Bed Rack, and the Discovery Rack. The Freedom Bed Rack provides an impressive static weight rating of up to 1450 lbs. and allows the ability to adjust the height to your needs. In addition, you can quickly and easily remove the rack should you not need it…further increasing the versatility of the rack and not limiting the bed of your truck to any one set purpose. The Discovery Rack is more so designed to be for those that keep their truck adventure ready year-round. With a removable shelf that sits at bed cap height, side plates for easy mounting of RotoPaX containers, and three cross bars that can be adjusted…the Discovery Rack is built for those that want to explore. The Discovery Rack is specific to mid-size short bed trucks with a built-in tie down system like what you would find on a Tacoma.


Whether you are getting into overlanding or just looking to spend some more time in the great outdoors, OVS has the gear that will get you there and ensure you make it back. If you have any questions on the items mentioned here or another OVS product; do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We want to ensure you have the gear that best benefits you and your next adventure.