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Brand Introduction: Expedition Essentials

June 15, 2019

Expedition Essentials, based in Washington, brings you some of the most innovative products and accessories on the market. They have a heavy emphasis in the Toyota Tacoma market, but also make a lot of products that are universal in nature.

Over recent years, the number of handheld products has increased immensely. That’s exactly one of the focuses of Expedition Essentials with their line of dashboard accessory mounts. Their most popular product is their Toyota Tacoma 2016+ USB Powered Accessory Mount (3TPAM) and Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 USB Powered Accessory Mount (2TPAM) which essentially are dash mounting bases for all of your favorite handheld devices such as phones, tablets, GPS, CB radios, etc. While this might not sound super cool and innovative initially, let us assure you this product is probably a must have for those of you that have at least two of the items listed above.

The Tacoma Powdered Accessory Mount mounts directly to the top of your radio bezel featuring two USB outlets: low amperage (1.5a) dual USB charger for things such as phones and tablets as well as a rapid charger (4.8a) from Blue Sea Systems that is perfect for charging devices faster.

At the end of the day what would the Toyota Tacoma USB Powered Accessory Mount (3TPAM and 2TPAM) be without accessories to use on the mount. That is exactly why Expedition Essentials also offers a ton of accessories for the 2TPAM and 3TPAM that work flawlessly with RAM and TACKFORM mounts. These include CB Mic Holders, Wiring Cover Plates, and Track Mounts.

Expedition Essentials does not limit themselves to dash mount accessories. They are also known for their ARB Tacoma Bed Compressor mounts, dual burner cook stoves, and propane quick bottle mount. While all of these products serve different purposes, they are equally as useful and innovative as Expedition Essential’s other products.

The ARB compressor mount is strictly designed for 2007+ Toyota Tacoma trucks. This product allows you to mount a single or twin ARB compressor in either the driver side of passenger side of the bed storage compartment. The result is an easily accessible and concealed mount.

Expedition Essentials cook stoves are also a thing of beauty that are a perfect match for the Expedition Essential EXO tables. The cook stove paired with an EXO table offers the ability to cook up just about any meal while out on an adventure.

If there has ever been a desire to bring a small (11 lb.) propane bottle on the trail then Expedition Essentials has developed the quick bottle mount just for you. This mount is lockable and fully secured providing you the ability to store and lock your propane bottle wherever you are.

At the end of the day, organization can make that adventure that much more memorable. That’s exactly why we are huge fans of Expedition Essentials products. Whether you are wanting to mount your CB, phone, iPad, GPS, etc. Expedition Essentials has a solution for you. They have taken it upon themselves to continually improve their current products and innovate with new product offerings from time to time. This paired with the fact that all their stuff is made right here in the U.S. makes Expedition Essentials a go to name in the industry. We are proud to have partnered with such a great company and look forward to bringing you the best from Expedition Essentials.