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Brand Introduction: BAK Industries

June 10, 2019


BAK Industries was founded in California over three decades ago and has since been considered one of the leading manufacturers of Tonneau Covers and truck accessories. Originally, BAK Industries was known for their quality Truck Bed Liners, however their claim to fame has been their comprehensive line up of innovative Tonneau Covers. The team at BAK Industries contributes a large portion of their company’s success to their philosophy, which is to craft rugged and second to none products while maintaining a clean look of style and sophistication. Combine their quality products with awesome customer service, and it should come as no surprise that BAK has been able to remain ahead of the competition for 30+ years. Truck Brigade is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for BAK Industries and feels confident that regardless of the product you choose from their lineup, it will exceed your expectations



As mentioned above, BAK Industries’ claim to fame has been their industry leading Tonneau Cover line up. Their original series is known as the BAKFlip family and it currently consists of 4 Hard Folding Tonneau Covers. These models are the BAKFlip G2, BAKFlip MX4, BAKFlip FiberMax, and the BAKFlip F1. These Tonneau Covers set BAK apart from the competition and really paved the way for their success. As with any market, it’s crucial to be innovative and cater to your customer’s needs. With this mindset, the team at BAK Industries set out to develop other models that would best accommodate a larger customer base. For those that are not interested in a Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, they can now choose from a Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover (BAK Industries’ Revolver X4) or a Retractable Tonneau Cover (BAK Industries’ Vortrak). Each model that BAK Industries has designed will combine style with function to provide you with an optimum product.


*Buyers Tips*

When it comes to selecting one of BAK’s Hard Folding Tonneau Covers, it’s important to consider the state you live in and what elements your truck will primarily be exposed to. The BAKFlip G2 and BAKFlip MX4 are both constructed from aluminum and designed to withstand extreme heat and sunlight. These models would be a great fit for those that live in states such as Florida, California, Texas, Nevada (you get the point). They will last the longest in harsh sun conditions and will continue looking great for years to come. The BAKFlip FiberMax and BAKFlip F1 feature FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) panels, making them more dent and impact resistant than aluminum covers. These models of BAK Tonneau Covers are typically recommended to customers who are located in states that experience hail and other harsh conditions. Please note that we typically do not recommend the BAK FiberMax and BAK F1 to those who live in states that experience extreme / harsh sunlight, as the FRP will tend to fade after a couple of years. If you have any product questions or would like assistance choosing the best BAK Tonneau Cover for you and your truck, please feel free to give our product experts a call!



Shopping for a truck bed cover can feel overwhelming at times due to the endless list of options that are available. While there are certainly many great options out there, we feel that BAK Tonneau Covers make an excellent choice. They offer unrivaled style and function, while maintaining a competitive price point. As mentioned above, BAK Industries offers Hard Folding Tonneau Covers, Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers, and Retractable Tonneau Covers, allowing you to choose the one that will best fit your lifestyle. The crew at Truck Brigade has years of experience with BAK Tonneau Covers and quite a few of us even rock their bed covers on our personal rigs. To take advantage of Truck Brigade’s Best Price Guarantee, feel free to contact us!