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Brand Introduction: BOSS StrongBox

July 02, 2019

BOSS StongBox might not be a name you are super familiar right now, but it is a name that you should become familiar with. BOSS StrongBox has long been known in the federal and law enforcement world due to their super high-security lockable boxes. In fact, today the United States Border Patrol and many local law enforcement agencies rely on BOSS StrongBox products to keep their firearms and other gear secure in the most demanding situations. Luckily BOSS StrongBox offers these same high-quality top loaders and pull-out drawers to people like me and you.

BOSS StrongBox noticed that there was not a high-quality, high-security, and affordable option out there for in vehicle storage. That is the exact void that BOSS StrongBox has filled. While their products have been adopted heavily by federal agencies, BOSS StrongBox has also developed top loaders and pull out drawers to work perfectly with everyday trucks such as the Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, and RAM trucks.


Now one question that might come to mind are what are these boxes designed to store? That’s a great question and there is not exact answer to that. Their products work great for transporting firearms such as AR15s in a secure and safe manner, storing expensive camera gear while away from the vehicle, or even storing general items such as camping gear. The options are really endless when it comes to what you can store in their ultra-secure storage boxes. BOSS StrongBox makes a variety of top loaders ranging from 10"W x 8"D x 3"H to 37"W x 14"D x 10"H in size. When it comes to pull out drawers, BOSS StrongBox has variations ranging from 36"W x 22"D x 10"H to 40"W x 22"D x 20"H in size. These are just some of the sizes they offer, and we are confident they have something to fit just about everyone’s desires.

The BOSS StrongBox products are made right here in the U.S.A and many feature 16-gauge cold rolled steel, triple point high security locking system with Medeco high security lock, black powder coat finish, and a carpeted top for a cushioned work surface. These products were not only designed to be ultra-secure but also to have an attractive, clean, and concealable appearance. Some of the other amazing features on many of the boxes include recessed drawers to prevent potential pry points, steel riveted structural hat-channels providing extra strength along the top of the drawer enclosures, free spinning hardened steel cover that helps protect the lock cylinder against any drilling or pulling, and much more.

BOSS StrongBox boxes are also extremely easy to mount and generally don’t require any drilling in the vehicle specific boxes such as the Boxes for the Ford F150. In fact, many of the boxes mount to preexisting holes to ensure that the installation is quick, easy, and harmless to your vehicle.

At the end of the day vehicle security is important to all of us. We might think we live in a safer area or your vehicles alarm will take care it, but the truth is at least for us, is we sleep better at night knowing are gear is safe and secure. BOSS StrongBox does a great job at just that. From their top loaders to their pull-out drawers, BOSS StrongBox is sure to have something that will catch your eye. American made, 16-gauge steel, and black wrinkle powder coat are just some of the features BOSS StrongBox offers in their boxes and why we are such fans of the products. If you are looking for added security for your gear give BOSS StrongBox a hard look as we have found their products fit many of our needs and desires.